Genesis 15:7-21

Topics: The land of promise; God’s covenant with Abram concerning his seed and their land; Suffering before glory; Abram’s death wasn’t life in another place; Did Abram go to Abraham’s bosom when he died?

Genesis 15:7-21

Romans 1:1-3 God’s Gospel

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Topics: Why Paul?; The place of Paul’s letters in the Scriptures; The prominence Paul gives the Hebrew Scriptures; Why are the Scriptures holy?

Romans 1:1-3

Romans Outline

1:1-7 Gospel…Promised…Holy Scriptures

1:8-4:25 Justified by Faith from Sins (Babel – Abraham)

5:1-8:39 Justified from Sin (Eden – Adam)

9:1-11:36 Israel and the Nations

12:1-16:24 Living Sacrifices

16:25-27 My Gospel…Revelation of the Mystery…Scriptures of the Prophets