DWSI am a Bible Student. This page is dedicated to teaching the Word of God in its Context and Flow. The studies you will find here are my thoughts based on many years of personal Bible study.

The goal of this ministry is not to get you to go to “church,” or to put you under the authority of a religious institution or religious hierarchy, or to get you to join anything, but to teach the Scriptures. The Word of God, not a human institution, is what I am promoting. It is one thing to belong to an institution, but it is another thing to belong to Christ.

“God’s Word is a Rock. It’s a precious stone that will stand any amount of scrutiny. It’s a lamp unto our feet, and this lamp can’t be extinguished by examination. The Bible welcomes investigation; it calls upon men to think upon it. And if men will cease taking themselves so seriously and accept God’s statement that ‘we can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth’ they will not be so fearful of the task of plunging into the study of the Word of God. The Bible may be deep, but if need be, I prefer to drown in it, rather than to be battered to death by the waves of human ignorance, human error, superstition, and opinion. Those who meditate upon the Word of God day and night are called ‘blessed.’ That word means ‘happy.’ And I claim to be one of those happy men.”

Here is my personal testimony: http://sheridanvoice.com/blog/2018/08/the-great-search-for-truth-a-personal-testimony/

I have been married to Becky since 1990. We have four kids, four adopted kids, and we became grandparents in 2017! The Sheridan household is never dull! Our home has been a refuge for the homeless and others in need.

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