Happy Boone Day, Leisurely Pioneers!

#OTD, November 2, 1734, one of America’s most celebrated pioneers who blazed the trail of westward expansion, is born. What is a pioneer, and why are they so important?

Pioneer days are just about gone. Yet, people still long to retire to the woods, build cabins, deal with the elements, fish in rivers, explore the wilderness, and enjoy the evening campfire; kids still play games that find their origins in pioneer days. Frontier ways are woven into the fabric of our national ideas of…

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The Declaration of Independence Audiobook

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Let us never forget the document which birthed our nation and gave hope to oppressed people all over the world.

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PODCAST: What Presidents and a Justice said about the Bible

John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR tell us what they think about the Bible. 

Did you know that American soldiers, before they left to fight in WW2, were given a Gideon’s New Testament especially printed for them with a note from FDR? What did he write? 

Finally, how do you know you’re reading it wrong? Find out.

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