The God of Patience

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Has anyone ever told you to be patient? Most of the time, when someone tells us to be patient, it’s because we’re anxious or riled up. The exhortation to be patient only makes us more upset. Has that happened to you? It has to me. My patience bank is usually overdrawn. Did you know the Bible says God is the God of Patience?

Who is God?

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That’s the question of the ages. Who is God? People have been trying to define Him for thousands of years. Christians have come up with various creeds, searching for the right words to explain who God is. However, can we define God? Does God expect us to search Him out to perfection? Let’s find out.

Who is God?

Reformation Day

While chewing your Halloween candy, please take a few minutes and chew on this. Your religious liberty is the result of what occurred 506 years ago today!

Reformation Day

Genesis 1:1-5 Who is God?

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Topics: God is good; Creation vs. Evolution; The Beginning and End of God’s Story; Three Hinges of History; Creation’s purpose.

Genesis 1:1-5