Acts 9:32-10:43 Peter Meets Aeneas, Tabitha and Cornelius

Peter vs. Those Who Claim They Can Heal; Did Peter take Tabitha away from Jesus?; The dead aren’t alive; Cornelius was a God-fearing man; Peter told to go with the flow; What kind of people are accepted with God?; Does God accept people who have no interest in Him?

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Acts 9:1-31 Paul the Pattern

The conversion of Saul of Tarsus; Paul the pattern.

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Acts 8:1-40 Phillip’s Work In Samaria and with the Ethiopian Eunuch

Did the Apostles make a mistake staying in Jerusalem?; Did the devout Jews lament over Stephen’s death because they were ignorant about the state of the dead?; Comparing Simon the Sorcerer and the modern “Faith-Healer”; Phillip’s work in Samaria; The Government of God and the Character of Jesus Christ; The gift of Holy Spirit contrasted with the pretended gifts of today; Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch.

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How To Understand Scripture

The Bible is meant to be studied, not merely read. But there are very few who actually study. This requires work and effort over a long period of time. Most want instant information. When they don’t get it they either quit or retreat to superficial explanations.

Face the facts: God doesn’t give anyone instant information today. The only way to learn truth is through constant study.

The sooner you accept this fact the better. Then you can decide whether or not you want truth or to simply settle for whatever floats your boat.

God NEVER teaches people who don’t study. Understanding isn’t a “divine gift” indiscriminately doled out by a “Sovereign God”.

Never blame God for your ignorance, blame yourself. Search and see – God and Christ are worth the EFFORT.

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Acts 7:17-60 Stephen’s Testimony Before Joint-Session Concludes

Moses a type of Christ; Be careful about types; Resisting the holy spirit; Stephen isn’t with Jesus in heaven.

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Context and Flow: Why these messages aren’t “padded” with rabbit trails

We are moving along in the “Context and Flow” Series. So far we’ve covered 95 chapters (Matthew 1- Acts 6) in 150 20-minute messages. This is, in my opinion, the way Bible teaching should be done. I could have taken many passages down thousands of bypaths and padded these messages. But my goal is to stick with the text in the context and flow and let Scripture speak for itself.

Years ago I knew a “Pastor” who spent years in the book of Romans. His studies ceased to be studies in Romans. Instead, Romans became a spring-board and a soap-box for the preacher’s personality and latest “issues” he wanted to deal with. The Scriptures were merely used to give the preacher’s ministry some credibility. Nobody learned Romans from that series.

When the “teacher” gets in the way of the student and the Word of God that “teacher” is no longer a teacher.

Remember once again why I am doing this series:

Why We Are Going Line-By-Line Through The Bible…

I am doing these studies for three main reasons:

1. To provide a study of the Bible in context – it’s easy to hover over a few pet doctrines or favorite passages and distort them. Covering things in the context and flow will force us to think about things AS God brings them up. Bible study in context will keep us balanced and mature.

2. To help and encourage people who want to study the Bible. Many people don’t know HOW to read the Bible. I hope that as people listen they will become comfortable reading and thinking through texts. There are a lot of people who simply need a helping hand to get them started, once they get a little nudge they’re able to take it from there. I’m thankful that there were those who did this for me – this is me paying it forward.

3. To have on record a verse-by-verse commentary from someone who doesn’t read into the Bible the horrible doctrine of “eternal conscious torment.”

These studies aren’t POLEMIC in nature. From time to time what I teach will be contrary to certain opinions, however, the nature of these studies is positive – to teach the Bible.

Note that these audios aren’t the final say on doctrinal matters. They are my thoughts on the passages under consideration. I will from time to time revise and correct my statements through further study and input from my brethren.

I hope these audios are useful to you. I trust that as you listen to these audios you will think through them with an open Bible. The links to the books I have covered are listed below the main graphic on the top of the home-page.

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