“Remember how when I was with you I told you these things?” Paul

“Remember how when I was with you I told you these things?” Paul

The Thessalonians had the dual benefit of supernatural gifts and the personal instruction of the Apostle. This is why it’s so important that we don’t read the Scriptures superficially when dealing with complex issues. Let’s face it, the Bible is complex. Sure, the message of life is simple enough, but God’s purposes and plans are “the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.”

Most give up when things get complicated, but the hungry heart recognizes that we “shall know IF we FOLLOW ON to know the LORD.” Don’t “settle” for an explanation just because you don’t want to work hard!

The Apostle Paul jumps around in the Thessalonian letters. He references the Day of Christ and the Day of the Lord. Peter skipped over the day of Christ and the day of the Lord and went right to the Day of God when he wrote his second letter. They were able to do that because those they wrote to had inside information. Paul told the Thessalonians, “Remember how when I was with you I told you these things?”

Don’t you wish Paul had elaborated? I do. However, the details of what Paul personally taught them can be mined out of ALL of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. That’s why Paul said the man of God can only be properly equipped if he knows ALL Scripture – not just Paul’s epistles!

These facts should teach us the valuable lesson that we need to be diligent students of ALL SCRIPTURE or we will be like those who start listening to somebody’s conversation when it’s almost done. Our interpretation of a conversation that we only caught the tail end of will only be flawed.

Peter and Paul write to people who had “inside information.” We can have it too if we are willing to dispense with the notion that we only need an “overview” of the Bible. Those who have an overview have incomplete information. But when you search out all of God’s treasure you will be able to fit things together and actually be part of the conversation.

If God wanted His message to be simple He would have done things a lot different. Since He didn’t make it simple He expects us to patiently search and see. Settle that in your mind. To dispense with effort because of the excuse that “it’s too hard” is no different than the Israelites complaining in the wilderness.

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Mark 3:20-4:20 The “Unpardonable” Sin; Doing God’s Will; The Parable of the Sower

Family thinks He’s beside Himself, Enemies thinks He’s Satanic; The so-called “Unpardonable” Sin; Doing the Will of God; The Parable of the Sower; Why Parables?; Four reactions to the Word of God; Persecution and Riches can be a snare to the shallow and deceived; I can do ALL things through Christ Who Strengthens me!

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How Old Is The Earth? Are The Days In Genesis One 24-Hour Days?

My wife and I just had a discussion on Genesis One. I told her about a note in the Emphasized Bible that pointed out how the days in chapter one are God-divided and not sun-divided. That’s because the sun didn’t start functioning till the fourth day. Rotherham says:

“Did the calling forth of ‘light’ (verse 3) constitute the first morning? If it did, the previous ‘darkness’ and the preparatory ‘brooding’ must surely have constituted the first ‘evening.’ Then how long was the first day? If no one knows, then no one can say what was the length of the six days. Essential harmony suggests as a crown to the exegesis: That, as is man the little worker, doing a small work on six short days, so is God the great worker, doing a large work on six long, far-reaching days.”

I have been thinking about this question for a while. I’ve discovered that there are many issues that haven’t been considered with regards to the age of the earth. Rotherham brings up one of those points. Another issue is genealogies. There’s so much we don’t know about them. The Jews left off a number of people in a genealogical tree. That was an accepted practice. What was necessary in any genealogy was hitting the high points in order to establish decent, not every descendant had to be listed. See Christ’s and Ezra’s for examples. So what we don’t know is how many years are “missing”. Now think about that in the light of Genesis!

There are some deductions we can make based on these considerations:

First, the date of the flood may have been much farther back in the past than has been commonly assumed.

Second, the conditions on the earth before the flood were very different than those after. The days and years may have been longer.

Third, based on the reasoning in Rotherham’s note, Genesis 1:1-2:3 could have been a considerable number of years. Those of us who believe the gap already know the earth is old, but taking these observations into account it might be a LOT older.

I hope people will read this thoughtfully. Please don’t give a knee-jerk REACTION. Please don’t accuse me of teaching an evolutionary “day-age” theory. I believe no such thing. I am only suggesting differences in length of time. I believe Genesis happened just as God said it. But that doesn’t mean it happened in a few hours! God took all night to part the Red Sea, He made the sun stand still on one occasion, and He turned back the sun-dial on another. God uses time as He sees fit.

This is food for thought hoping for some reasoned comments and suggestions. If anyone has any information to share please feel free.

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Mark 3:1-19 Christ Gets Angry Then Creates His Cabinet


Some people refuse to believe no matter how much evidence is presented; Why was Christ angry?; Thousands come to Jesus; Christ makes-up His Cabinet; Does the Bible talk about “Ordination” or “Preaching”?; We love to dress-up and play make-believe; The KJV Translators import their ecclesiastical practices into their translation; A Son of Thunder is the “Apostle of Love” – love isn’t effeminate.

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Matthew 20:20-23 and Ephesians 2:6-10: Position In High Places and the Good Works Associated

Two of the disciples asked the Lord for the privilege of sitting with Him on His right and left hand in His government. They were acting like modern politicians jockeying for a position and political favors. The other disciples were mad at these two. How dare they try to muscle them out?!

God’s government isn’t like man’s government. Nobody can buy or bribe their way to the top. Those who rule with Christ are qualified by humility, righteousness, and election. Our Lord told the disciples that these high positions in His government are reserved for those the Father has prepared for that place. The Father has chosen a people to occupy positions in Christ’s “cabinet.” Who are they?

God revealed this secret to Paul. God hath raised us up together and made us to SIT TOGETHER IN HIGH PLACES in Christ Jesus. “Sitting” means to occupy a place of authority. The places the twelve wanted to occupy were reserved to those who believe the message of God’s amazing grace – that’s us.

In the coming ages God will demonstrate the exceeding riches of His grace in the people He chose to occupy the highest places in His government. Our position in God’s government is His work – we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for this position.

We are chosen for this role in order to do the good works which God is fitting us to walk in. Those works will be manifested when God governs the world. We are elected awaiting inauguration day! Our best work is yet to come! Let’s walk worthy of our calling.

Isn’t it amazing how different God’s truth is from the common conception of heaven?

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Mark 2: The Son of Man Forgives Sins and Gives Rest

Mark 3

The man with Palsy; Son of Man Forgives Sins; Levi the Publican/Sinner and his sinner friends; Behavior conforms to the times; The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath

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Mark 1:14-45 The Government of God Proclaimed and Demonstrated


Proclaiming good news; Honoring Father; Doctrine with authority; Unclean spirits won’t be part of God’s government; Peter’s mother-in-law; Fake faith-healers; Prayer isn’t an institution; A leper healed; Disobedience has consequences.

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Philippians 2: Forced Confession or Joyful Acclimation?

“No man can say that Jesus is Lord but by holy spirit…every tongue shall ACCLAIM that Jesus Christ is Lord…”

Most people have taken the passage in Philippians 2 and turned it into a sort of revenge “I told you so” passage. In other words, one day we will get a kick out of watching people unwillingly confess that Jesus Christ is Lord before being tossed into “hell”. It’s as if God is going to wrestle unbelievers to the ground until they finally “cry uncle.”

No, that won’t do. Resurrection isn’t a time when our selfish desires for revenge and self-gratifying “I-told-you-so” moments will be realized! God forbid! This won’t please the heart of God nor anyone with a good heart. The Philippian passage is not about forced confession, it’s about ecstatic acclimation. One day every person will cry out in gratefulness to God! Nobody can say that Jesus Christ is Lord unless God’s spirit is working in them. That’s certainly not “crying uncle.”

This understanding is the key to a correct view of the future and God’s judgments. Whatever happens in the future, blessings or sanctions, the goal of God is correction and ACCLIMATION. Keep that in mind when reading the Scriptures, it will clear a lot of things up for you.

All people who ever lived and will live will ACCLAIM that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father! They will look back throughout history and say, “Lo, God was there the whole time and we knew Him not. Oh how wonderful to know Him now!”

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Mark 1:1-13 The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Son of God


Is it proper to call Matthew through John “Gospels?”; The Beginning of the Gospel; Son of God; What was John the Baptist preparing the people for?; What is repentance?; Does anyone have the “baptism of the Spirit” today?; Faking and lying aren’t “godly” traits; Are you pleased with Jesus Christ?; Dominion Restored!

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Matthew 28 – Resurrection, Re-Union, and Commission: The Twelve Welcomed In National Capitals


The most exciting words in history; Resurrection and re-union; The Great Commission; A dry Baptism; The Apostles welcomed in national capitals.

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