Food for Thought: Are We Ambassadors for Christ?

There are many passages of Scripture we ruin because of a desire to “make an application” for ourselves. The passage in 2 Corinthians 5 is one of those passages.

Are WE believers ambassadors for Christ? Here’s what is usually said about 2 Corinthians 5:

1. We are all ambassadors for Christ.
2. The earth isn’t our home, we just represent heaven.
3. Before God declares war He will withdraw His ambassadors through the miracle of the “rapture.”

I want to give you a few things to think about in the light of that common interpretation.

1. Look up the Greek word for “ambassador.” Note how it has nothing to do with the common idea of an ambassador representing a country in a foreign land.
2. Paul is not speaking generally in that passage – he’s speaking about HIMSELF. Paul is the “Senior” (ambassador). Paul uses the plural many times when he is referring to himself – it’s a common figure of speech. The “we” there means “I”.

Now think: if we have been giving the word ambassador a wrong meaning while applying Paul’s royal “we” to ourselves – then we have been teaching error. The common interpretation is a gloss, it’s a fabrication. It may sound good in a sermon, but it’s not the truth.

When I found this out I was happy to toss out the error. God loves it when we learn and change. Never feel bad about getting something wrong, just avoid the arrogance of sticking with the wrong when you are presented with the truth.

Search very carefully and see. Buy the truth and sell it not.

If I’m wrong, tell me. If I’m right, share it with the brethren.

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An Untimely Death and an Opportunity for the Gospel

I want to say something in praise of a brother – Rick Farwell.

Rick and the brethren in the local meeting hosted a conference this past weekend. Just before the meetings started a pillar of the Church was killed. It shook everyone, but the meetings went on.

Yesterday was the funeral. Rick had a captive audience of hundreds of people who heard him tell the truth about death, resurrection, and the Salvation of all! He dispelled to stupid teachings that death is life in another place, or a better place, and all the other evil, Platonic, modern Christendom non-sense!

The Word of the Lord had free course and was glorified! Christ was magnified – death wasn’t! That’s true gospel teaching! Let’s pray it has a ripple effect in that community.

The man who was in the casket would have been proud! When he is raised from the dead he will be happy to know that this tragedy was used to publish truth abroad.

Buy the truth and sell it not.

Thanks Rick, I’m proud to know you.

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More to Come!

Hey folks. I apologize for not having posted regular audios in the “Context and Flow” series lately. I am swamped. I will be posting a few here and there, but not much until after Thanksgiving.

Here’s the full series on John thus far. Are you enjoying it?

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Jesus Christ – The Savior of the World

Christ is the Savior of the World – That means the whole system of this world.

There’s something wrong with this system. Men try to fix it here and there with some success, but not much. But Christ will save the whole system.

There are many people who have a good life and enjoy a favored place in this system. Judging from their point of view they call this a wonderful place. You see their pictures on facebook. Their lives are just gravy. They won’t admit it, but they are.

When they talk about how blessed they are and how wonderful things are they are doing that from the perspective of their nice little world. Many of these show little compassion on the majority who are less favored than they are.

But go and tell the poor and suffering people throughout the world how “wonderful” everything is. Let them know how “blessed” you are.

When you survey the world as a whole, not just your little part of it, you will realize that this world, this system needs saving. The Father has commissioned the Son to do just that. So if your part of the world is pretty good, have a little compassion and perspective.

Jesus is not only the Savior of Sinners – He’s the Savior of the System.

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EW Bullinger’s “Figures of Speech” – Get yours now!

Clyde Pilkington has done us a great service in making these great works available to us in a practical format. Bible Students NEVER SETTLE – they progress! Get your copy of EW Bullinger’s Figures of Speech half-price today!

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Human Government and its Agencies: The Image of God in Man

God created man in His image. These human governmental agencies are a dim reflection of God’s image on display. The hopes of these human institutions will be realized when God assumes Sovereignty.

God’s Righteous and Humble Government Leaders:

Christ the King

Today’s Believers Seated Among the Highest Beings

Twelve Apostles over Israel

Tribal Leaders

Rulers of 1000s

Rulers of 100s

Rulers of 50s

Rulers of 10s

Other Elders etc…

God’s Government Agencies:

1. Health – Christ healed
2. Education – Christ taught
3. Welfare – Christ multiplied loaves
4. Human Services – Believers used to teach nations righteousness and help bring about the final reconciliation of all
5. Corrections – Sanctions against unbelieving people and nations
6. EPA – God loves the System – man’s environment. He will fix it. There’s nothing wrong with this earth that God can’t fix.
7. Defense – No weapon formed will ultimately prosper.
8. Department of Housing – The land will be redistributed in Jubilee Fashion
9. Department of Labor – God elects people to perform roles in His Government
10. Department of Justice – The Cross and its Results
11. Department of State – The Apostles and those blessed with every spiritual blessing among high beings will have international roles
12. Department of Transportation – God will provide safe routes and modes of transportation
13. Department of Treasury – God will ensure all transactions are honest through a godly standard of weights and measures
14. Department of Commerce – Injustice and crony capitalism will be eliminated.

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