Luke 16:14-17:10 The Rich Man and Lazarus; Forgiving Your Brethren

Doctrines and practices so crazy they had to vindicate themselves; Abomination in God’s sight; The Pharisees make void God’s word to keep their tradition; Divorce in Israel; Uniting powerful families through marriage; The Rich Man and Lazarus; Satire and the Bible; Repeating a crazy doctrine back to those who believe it to expose its stupidity; Forgiving brethren seven times in a day; Not forgiving brethren over one mis-interpreted Facebook quote.

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Bible Fellowship Conference Reminder: November 6-8 in South Carolina.

November 6-8 in South Carolina!

The only celebrities will be the Lord Jesus Christ and the written Word!

Come study with us!

The upcoming 2015 Bible Study Conference that will be sponsored by the Pauline Church of Christ in the Fairview community of SC, located 6 miles East of I-20 on HW-178. Address, 3036 Fairview Road, Leesville, SC 29070.

The Registration and fellowship will begin at 6:30-7:00PM on Friday evening, the 6th of November followed by messages at 7:15 and continuing until approximately 9PM.

Saturday morning we will commence at 9:30 AM and continue until 12:30 when a luncheon will be provided. The messages will continue on into the night with the exception of a break for dinner.

Sunday, November 8th we will begin at 10AM and finish up at approximately 12PM.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you here and for any further information you can call Rick Farwell at 803-564-3464. Email:

Directions to Fairview:

From I-20: Take Exit #39 onto highway 178 heading East for approximately 6 miles. The church is on the left side of the road just before the crossroads.

From Florida on I-95: Take Exit #68 at Canadays, highway 61. Head west and continuing onto highway 78. Continue west to Denmark and head north onto 321. Continue north to highway 178 in the town of North. Go left, west, on 178 seven miles past Pelion. The church will be on the right just past the Fairview Crossroads.


Cedar Pond Campground, 4721 Fairview Road, Leesville SC, 29070. 803-657-5993. Located on Highway 178 between 1-20 and

*Camping in the churchyard is permissible; however, the church has no bathing facilities or hook-ups.


The Columbia Metropolitan Airport is approximately 20 miles from the church. From the main entrance of the airport, take SC302 toward Pelion, approximately 16 miles. At Pelion turn right on U.S. Hi Way 178. Follow 178 about 7 miles. The church will be on the right just past the Fairview Crossroads.


For reservations at the Days Inn at exit 22 on 1-20, call 1-800-Days Inn. The address for that Days Inn is: 2654 Highway North, Aiken, SC. The local phone number is: 803-642-5692.

Hampton Inn
601 Columbia Ave, Lexington, SC 29072
(803) 356-8300

Ramada Inn
1015 S Lake Dr , Lexington, SC 29073
(803) 356-6533

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A Christian’s opinion of the Working Poor and the Republican Presidential Candidate’s advice telling the poor that they need to “Work More Hours.”

A Christian’s (Never confuse that with a “Church-goer”) opinion of the Working Poor and the Republican Presidential Candidate’s advice telling the poor that they need to “Work More Hours.”

I have noticed lately how much God has to say in Scripture about oppression of the poor and dishonest gain. Ezekiel 22 is an example. God judged the evil men in Israel for their idolatry. But more specifically the DEEDS done as a result of their new religion.

These men combined the worship of Jehovah with idolatry. Then they practiced oppression and dishonest gain. Read carefully Ezekiel 22:23-31.

Evil men in that day cashed in by inventing a corrupt “market” system designed to steal from the poor. The manipulators then walked over the poor on their way to the bank. They blamed the poor for their lot. They accused them of being lazy. The truth was just the opposite. The poor labored hard. Their real “problem” was that they weren’t sinister enough to devise a dishonest system of enriching themselves. The rich of that day were like a current Presidential Candidate born to an extremely wealthy family who said that poor people working multiple jobs are poor because they aren’t working hard enough!

The reality is that people have to “work harder” because of the inflation created by the Oligarchy and the banking cartel which makes the common person’s dollar worth less. Houses aren’t “worth” more today than they were in 1950 – our dollar is worth less. That’s not the fault of the working man and woman- it’s the designed plot of a corrupt Oligarchy.

The rich in Ezekiel’s, Jeremiah’s, Isaiah’s, the Lord’s, and our day knew how to manipulate a system to favor them. But the honest common people, that is “those who depart from evil maketh himself a prey” (Isaiah 59:15a). The honest refuse to embrace evil; they won’t sacrifice their principles to avoid becoming the prey of the wicked; they never resort to unjustly enriching themselves. They keep living honestly no matter what it costs them. They care more about God’s estimate of their worth. The godly (notice I didn’t say “church-goer”) know what Isaiah said at the end of that verse: “The LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment” (Isaiah 59:15b). The godly (notice I didn’t say “church-goer”) continue to do good and commit their souls to a faithful Creator.

This is why Scripture encourages us to look to the living God and walk in harmony with Him. Love for the true and living God leads to love for those created in His image. The godly love Scripture and people. Never look for Christianity in marketed organizations with big bucks, look for it in a humble people with big hearts. You have to look because they don’t make the news.

Walk honestly and serve one another in love.

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Progressive Bible Students/Teachers vs. Slaves to Donors

A Bible student should be progressive. An honest one changes his positions because he learns as he goes. A person who never changes isn’t a Bible student. The following words were sent to me. I don’t know who wrote them, but I love them.

This attitude of mind shows that a person is a true studier and believer in The Christian Scriptures. Unfortunately it cannot be said of many such teachers because of their MISPLACED DESIRE TO GIVE A HIGHER PRIORITY TO SUPPORTING THOSE THAT ‘FOLLOW’ THEM, rather than acknowledging previous errors in understanding. Such ‘followers’ are quite willing to accept what a Scripture teacher tells them without proving the statements for themselves, without developing a personal understanding of their Godly privilege of accepting the teaching of The Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself.

A Christian knows that his relationship with God is personal. He is answerable to God for what he believes and therefore what he is. The character of a Christian is an expression of what he has accepted from what God has said, that is, what he has come to believe. If he has only accepted the thoughts and studies of another Christian without proving them from The Word of God for himself, he is open to the criticism that he believes and trusts in an authority other than God. This is the basis of Sin.

Many Christians and teachers of The Word of God have come to understand that the activities of the God given Teachers described in the record of the Acts of the Apostles, cannot in these days be accepted, because of the change of God’s Administration at the end of that period. Contrary to the record of that previous Administration, Christian Teachers to-day have no God given authority. If they had, they would teach and interpret The Word of God without fault. As any discerning Christian will have realized, this does not happen to-day.

The increasing maturity of a Christian moves towards a full appreciation of God’s knowledge within the bounds of that which He has chosen to reveal through His Word. That Word tells us that there is a Spiritual battlefield, the effects of which are recorded from beginning to end. For the Christian to-day, that battle is won. Christ, and those in Him, are seated on God’s Right Hand.

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Creative Man vs. Evolution’s/Determinism’s Man

“In the beginning God created…make man in our image…let them have dominion…be fruitful…he rested from all His work which he creatively made.”

Evolution and determinism present man as a helpless spec falling into place in an amoral universe. The universe according to these theories isn’t relational, it’s pure data.

The Bible sets before us a moral universe; it’s relational. Genesis presents God as the creative being. The Rotherham Translation has a marginal note that translates Genesis 2:3 as written above. Read it out-loud.

God created the originals. He gave man the responsibility to build on that work. God saw everything that He had made and it was very good. That means it was useful, practical. God created a place where those created in His image can be creative.

We are created in God’s image. That means we have been given tools to be creative. We are to use the materials God gave us for God-glorifying purposes.

Throughout Scripture God constantly solicited man’s “opinion.” He brought the animals to Adam to see what he would call them. That means Adam studied those animals and gave them names suitable to their function. Adam came up with names, God approved them.

When God gave the law there were certain areas of its application that were unclear. The daughters of Zelophehad came to Moses and brought the issue up. God told Moses, “Those girls speak right.” Then God gave further instructions.

Scripture is full of such occasions. The creative God made us in His image. That means we are to be creative problem solvers and inventors. We are to do this in every area of life. There’s no distinction between the “sacred and the secular.” Those who down-play normal life – work, marriage, recreation – are down-playing the sacred. That’s because all of life is “sacred.” Whatever we do we are to do it to the glory of God.

The Word of God is our general guide combined with good-ole sanctified common sense. God hasn’t told us what to do in every circumstance; there’s not enough paper in the world for that. Instead, He treats us like people created in His image and gives us general principles to govern our lives. It’s our job to think things through and apply those principles as we go.

Unsearchable Riches Volume One has an article that begins with these words, “Love delights in love responsive!” Amen to that. There are no such things as “love” or “responsive love” in a Evolutionary or Deterministic universe – only cold un-relational data.

Be creative today to the glory of God. That’s our “responsive love” to God’s “love.”

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