Mark 6:1-29 A Carpenter Scares A King

The people astonished, Christ marvels; The twelve commissioned; Paul preached the Kingdom of God; Sodom and Gomorrah will have an easier time in the judgment; Herod’s good qualities; Herod’s politics and lust gets the better of him.

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Creative Man

“In the beginning God created…make man in our image…let them have dominion…be fruitful…he rested from all His work which he creatively made.”

Genesis presents God as the creative being. The Rotherham Translation has a marginal note that translates Genesis 2:3 as written above.

God created the originals. He gave man the responsibility to build on that work. We are created in God’s image. That means we have been given tools to be creative. We are to use the materials God gave us for God-glorifying purposes.

Throughout Scripture God constantly solicited man’s “opinion.” He brought the animals to Adam to see what he would call them. That means Adam studied those animals and gave them names suitable to their function. Adam came up with names, God approved them.

When God gave the law there were certain areas of its application that were unclear. The daughters of Zelophehad came to Moses and brought the issue up. God told Moses, “Those girls speak right.” Then God gave further instructions.

Scripture is full of such occasions. The creative God made us in His image. That means we are to be creative problem solvers and inventors. We are to do this in every area of life. There’s no distinction between the “sacred and the secular.” Those who down-play normal life – work, marriage, recreation – are down-playing the sacred. That’s because all of life is “sacred.” Whatever we do we are to do it to the glory of God.

The Word of God is our general guide in combination with good ole sanctified common sense. God hasn’t told us what to do in every circumstance, but He has given us general principles to govern every circumstance. It’s our job to think and apply them.

Be creative today to the glory of God.

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Mark 5:21-43 No Sick Women or Little Girls In God’s Kingdom


Adults playing church and healer; Human resources exhausted first; Immediate healing without music or offerings; A little girl healed; Resurrection and healing; Resurrection will be a reunion!; Believing God will Govern.

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Mark 5:1-20 How To Fight Demons – Eat a Steak and Buy a Water Pistol

Water Guns

Demons combined with men are super-human; Angels and Demon “Experts”; The touch-stone process; Legion; The Greatest American Hero; Genesis 6 and Genetic Engineering; Steaks and Water-Pistols; Look what Jesus did for me!; “It’s A Wonderful Life” Angel Theology.

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Mark 4:21-41 Progress Parables – Peace Be Still. God Will Govern The Nations

Peace Be Still

Hiding under a bushel; Hiding under a bed; The progress parables; Peace, be still; Patience with each other.

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Hiding Soul and Gehenna – The Platonist Hell-Fire Men

The translators of the King James Version were Platonists and Hell-Fire men. That means they made every effort to hide the truth regarding the Hebrew and Greek words for “Soul”, “Sheol”, “Hades”, and “Gehenna.”

Soul: The first time the word “Soul” occurs is in Genesis 1:20. There it is in reference to the sea animals. Plants aren’t souls, animals are. What characterizes a soul is that it “moves.” Read Genesis 1:20-21. However, the translators didn’t translate the Hebrew word “Nephesh” as “soul” in Genesis 1:20 because being Platonists they reserved the word “soul” for man! They held back the truth until it suited their theology. The Hebrew and Greek words for “soul” occur 857 times in the Bible. To arrive at a correct meaning of the word one must examine each occurrence. You will find in your search that the word isn’t confined to man and it certainly is NEVER, NO NEVER, connected with immortality!

Sheol: It occurs 65 times. It’s translated “Grave” 31 times; “Hell” 31 times; Pit twice. The bias of the “hell-fire” men is obvious! At times when dealing with the wicked the word hell is used; when the good are spoken of grave is used! However, even in that they aren’t consistent since it says “Christ’s soul was not left in hell”. This is terrible translating which has led to childish notions of Christ going into an underground torture chamber between death and resurrection!

Hades: It occurs 11 times. They translate it “hell” 10 times. It has to do with the death state. Nobody is alive in the death state.

Gehenna: It occurs 12 times. They translate it “hell” 11 times. This is a place. It’s named after a man. To find the truth of “Gehenna” you have to read Jeremiah 7. It was a beautiful place that Israel turned into a place of idol worship. King Josiah put a stop to the evil practice by spreading dead men’s bones on it to defile it. It became a garbage dump. Potters dumped their broken pieces in this place. Later the garbage was burned. Gehenna became a symbol of shame! In Isaiah 66 “Carcasses” are burned there. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH AN UNDERGROUND TORTURE CHAMBER FOR LIVING PEOPLE!

Tartarus: It occurs once. You guessed it, they translated it “hell”. It has nothing to do with human beings.

Get out your concordance and do the study. The Scripture isn’t about “hell-fire” or the immortality of the soul. On the contrary! The Scriptures affirm that only God is immortal and immortality is a gift given to mankind in resurrection – not at death! The penalty for sin isn’t life in a torture chamber, but death! Resurrection is the only solution.

The words “nephesh”, “psuche”, “sheol”, “hades”, and “gehenna” as they are used in Scripture bring out these truths and serve as witnesses against the lies of the Platonist Hell-Fire promoter.

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Experiment Complete – Bible Read-Through

“Legalism!” That’s one of the most abused words among believers. It’s rarely used in it’s proper context. I can’t tell you how many times people have used it against me when I encourage people to read their Bibles.

One “teacher” accused me of legalism when I suggested to him that he maybe read his Bible instead of using notes from his favorite Bible study magazine when he gives public messages. Keep in mind that I said this when the man confessed to me that he rarely read his Bible except for passages from Paul’s letters. Even then he only focused on the ones he liked the best.

Think of the implications of this: the man’s sum total of knowledge wasn’t what he learned from Scripture, but what he read from a magazine! I guarantee you that if the author of the magazine heard this he would be horrified!

I’ve heard many excuses from folks who claim they can’t find time to read the Bible. I did my homework on these people. Here’s what I know: each of them watch at least an hour of TV per day, read other books, and find time to work-out or enjoy some sort of recreation.

So here’s what I did. On September 9th of 2014 I started in Genesis 1. I decided to take 20-25 minutes a day to read the Bible. I didn’t stop very long on subjects, I just read it. I asked God to teach me and simply read the Book. Today, Saturday, March 4th, 2015, I finished Revelation. It took me less than seven months to read every word of the Bible. I AM A SLOW READER.

Just think about this: if you were to devote 25 minutes a day, you could read through the Bible at least once every 9-10 months. This reading becomes the FOUNDATION of detailed study. This reading enables you to read the works of others safely! The ministry of others will be more safe for you as well as more beneficial if you are a Bible reader.

We need Bible readers. There’s a vast field of truth waiting to be discovered. Read the Bible, believe the Bible, and share it with your Brethren. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself and His plans, reading it isn’t a LEGALISTIC exercise. Maybe those who cry “legalism” should be honest and say, “I just don’t care to take the time.”

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Sick Leave

I have been battling a serious flu for the last week. I also developed inner ear infections in both ears. I have not been able to talk very much and my hearing is muffled.

I will be back soon to continue our studies in the Gospel of Mark.

Your brother in truth,


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“Remember how when I was with you I told you these things?” Paul

“Remember how when I was with you I told you these things?” Paul

The Thessalonians had the dual benefit of supernatural gifts and the personal instruction of the Apostle. This is why it’s so important that we don’t read the Scriptures superficially when dealing with complex issues. Let’s face it, the Bible is complex. Sure, the message of life is simple enough, but God’s purposes and plans are “the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.”

Most give up when things get complicated, but the hungry heart recognizes that we “shall know IF we FOLLOW ON to know the LORD.” Don’t “settle” for an explanation just because you don’t want to work hard!

The Apostle Paul jumps around in the Thessalonian letters. He references the Day of Christ and the Day of the Lord. Peter skipped over the day of Christ and the day of the Lord and went right to the Day of God when he wrote his second letter. They were able to do that because those they wrote to had inside information. Paul told the Thessalonians, “Remember how when I was with you I told you these things?”

Don’t you wish Paul had elaborated? I do. However, the details of what Paul personally taught them can be mined out of ALL of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. That’s why Paul said the man of God can only be properly equipped if he knows ALL Scripture – not just Paul’s epistles!

These facts should teach us the valuable lesson that we need to be diligent students of ALL SCRIPTURE or we will be like those who start listening to somebody’s conversation when it’s almost done. Our interpretation of a conversation that we only caught the tail end of will only be flawed.

Peter and Paul write to people who had “inside information.” We can have it too if we are willing to dispense with the notion that we only need an “overview” of the Bible. Those who have an overview have incomplete information. But when you search out all of God’s treasure you will be able to fit things together and actually be part of the conversation.

If God wanted His message to be simple He would have done things a lot different. Since He didn’t make it simple He expects us to patiently search and see. Settle that in your mind. To dispense with effort because of the excuse that “it’s too hard” is no different than the Israelites complaining in the wilderness.

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Mark 3:20-4:20 The “Unpardonable” Sin; Doing God’s Will; The Parable of the Sower

Family thinks He’s beside Himself, Enemies thinks He’s Satanic; The so-called “Unpardonable” Sin; Doing the Will of God; The Parable of the Sower; Why Parables?; Four reactions to the Word of God; Persecution and Riches can be a snare to the shallow and deceived; I can do ALL things through Christ Who Strengthens me!

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