John Adams Defends The Rights Of All Humanity

#OTD, November 27, 1770, John Adams takes up a local court case that, in its consequences, embraced the rights of all humanity.

To do what’s right, would you be willing to hold your temper, go against public opinion, lose money, and allow your reputation to suffer?

Learn how one man’s virtue can have international effects, and help form a republic founded on the principles of justice.

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The Great Charter: The First Great Step In Constitutional Liberty

o you appreciate liberty, lower taxes, and a ban on tyrants? If so, these are some dates and documents you should know. 

#OnThisDay, November 27, 1295, King Edward I summons “The Model Parliament,” which was one of the early steps towards representative government we enjoy today. Here’s a short history of how we went from tyranny to the U.S. Constitution. 

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Sheridan American History Shorts, Lesson 6: The Interior of Our Country

The discovery of America by Europeans and the subsequent colonization was very much affected by the physical characteristics of the land; therefore, we must, in these early lessons take a look at the physical American landscape.  In this lesson, we begin our journey on the west slope of the Appalachian plateau, cross the mighty Mississippi, and scale the Rockies.  

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