Scripture 101: Essentials Part 32 – Christ the Source, Christ the Channel


God and Christ contrasted; The god of this eon blinds with Christian creeds and hymns; If you’re wrong about God and Christ, you’re wrong everywhere; The irreverence of christianity; Peter and Paul never spoke like christians; Great truths through the Son.

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Scripture 101: Essentials Part 31 – The Prayer of a Humble Son

Couple Riding a Tandem Bicycle

An examination of John 17.

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I Need Your Help Evangelizing! A Personal Request and Appeal!


Over the years I have purchased and given away Concordant Versions. I believe that since we are proclaiming the truth of God correctly translated, we should do our best to make the version available FREE to those we evangelize, just like the religious people give away their “non-gospel tracts.”

I am in need of Concordant Versions for evangelism purposes. I met with someone the other day who is new to the truth. I gave him my last copy of the Concordant Commentary, but I had no CLNT to give him! Uuuugggghhhhhh!

If you have any Versions or Commentaries, or you know those who do, please consider sending them to me. I will put them into the hands of those who need them. Thanks beloved! Contact me if you can help.

If you send them to me I guarantee you that they won’t sit on a shelf – they will be put into the hands of people who long for the freedom that is in Christ Jesus!

Your brother in that happy expectation,


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Daniel 2:12-18 – Nebuchadnezzar Sends His SS Agents To Wack Daniel and His Pals


Wise men to be executed for their ignorance; How did Danny-Boy respond to injustice?; Counsel and tact; A nice little fellowship in Babylon; Eloah petitioned; Scripture perfect as a whole, and perfect in its parts.

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Scripture 101: Essentials Part 30 – Christ Teaches, God Hides The Message. Are they working against each other?


Christ always referred to God as somebody else; Christ and the Disciples shared service; Failure is a success!; God’s servants live in pain; Matthew 11:28 is misquoted by Christians; Matthew 11:28 is about service, not justification!; Faithful to the truth in times of apostasy.

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A World Famous Evangelical Proves That God and Christianity Are On Opposite Teams


The Christian Celebrity Celebrated All Over The World, John MacArthur, Doesn’t Know The Gospel. More Proof Christianity And God Are On Different Teams.

I was driving through Georgia tonight and I flipped on the Radio. What’s the first thing I hear? Christian radio. I usually hit the scan button immediately to find me some good jams, but as soon as I heard the preacher’s topic I had to listen, because it was the very thing I spoke about in the 29th audio in the Essentials series. Here’s the difference: this preacher taught the very opposite of what I taught.

It was the tail end of the program, so I got him during his summation. Thank God. I don’t think I could have stomached the whole thing.

First of all, it was an easter message. Figures, right? Christian paganism at its best.

Who was the speaker? (Fanfare music please) — The leading evangelical – John MacArthur (Applause erupts from the evangelicals while Johnny B Goode plays as balloons fall from the ceiling).

So the Daddy-Mac, excuse me, Pastor/Doctor/BlaBla So and So concluded His message by saying that the resurrection proves the deity of Christ. Oh really? God died did he Johnny? God was raised was He Johnny? He said that the term “Christ” proves that Jesus is a member of the Trinity! Listen to the essentials series to help unravel this Trinitarian mess.

With all of the Daddy-Mac’s education he has no idea what “Christ” means. He thought it meant “Trinity.” After the message was over an announcer came on. He interviewed the evangelical rock-star. The announcer asked him, “What are the basic things a person needs to believe to be saved?”

Drum role please… Wait for it…Here we go…Hold on to your flame retardant suits, you may need them…

Johnny said that a person must believe in the trinity to be saved! There it is folks. You’re all going to hell because Johnny says so. Johnny, that sweet, nice, hair-combed, gentlemanly man says God’s gonna burn you, your mother, your grandmother, your child, and that guy with the bone in his nose in Africa, UNLESS THEY BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY.

Let’s get this straight. According to Johnny in order to be saved you must believe that Christ is THE God, that He died, but He didn’t really die, cause, well, He’s a member of the trinity. So Christ, according to Johnny, just took off his flesh suit, spent three days in a hammock with the other two members of the “Trinity,” then He slipped back into His flesh suit on the third day.

That’s the gospel according to Johnny. No wonder he teaches “Lordship Salvation.” He has no God, no Christ, no Scripture, no salvation, no nothing! He has a stack of PHDs, a large church, and a seminary that combined can’t bring an ounce of good news.

Johnny isn’t merely confused, He is blinded. The Daddy-Mac doesn’t believe that Christ died at all. What do we call a person who doesn’t believe that Christ died? Cmon, you can say it. Say it out loud: Johnny isn’t a __________. An unbeliever isn’t a believer even if he’s popular.

Learn the truth in our Scripture 101 Essentials Series:

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The glamorous “Sheridan Studios Murfreesboro TN Division”

Evangel in Murfreesboro TN

I thought you might enjoy a peek at my Tennessee studio! I’ll report back from northern Florida!

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Scripture 101: Essentials Part 29 – The God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ


Anyone who has a God, isn’t God; One God, many gods; The cross highlights the difference between God and Christ; Can God be forsaken?; Can God die?; Is God reluctant?; The drama of the eons.

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Travel Update! I made it to Murfreesboro TN

Long day on the road. I am in Murfreesboro TN. Time for a little study and recording, then hitting the sack. I have the priceless privilege to see Brother Tony Smith of Chattanooga tomorrow. Can’t wait for the fellowship!

Thanks for your friendship beloved. Thanks as well for struggling in prayer for me too!

I wish you good night with an amazing observation from AEK. Thanks to Clyde Pilkington for extracting this gem and putting it out there. It should teach us the great lesson that “morality” isn’t the basis of fellowship, TRUTH is! Once truth takes a back seat to “morality” then “morals” aren’t based on truth! Fruit comes from LIGHT! Buy the TRUTH and sell it not!

Moral Issues & Social Sanitation

The fatal tendency of the church to pass from spiritual to moral issues, from evangelical effort to social sanitation, are but symptoms that the god of this eon is blinding the minds of the unbelievers in it.

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Scripture 101: Essentials Part 28 – The Foundation of Everything is The Deity of is God


Man’s greatest problem; Unlikeness and likeness; Does God have a God?; Does God obey?; How firm a foundation????

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