Next audio – Romans 7:7-25 The Experience of a Jew Before Christ

Coming up in the next lesson of the Context and Flow series: Romans 7:7-25 The Experience of a Jew Before Christ

Romans 7:7-25 has fallen victim to European Christianity. The Romans 7 experience is NOT the experience of anyone today. The “Romans 7 Experience” is the experience of the Jew under the law BEFORE the coming of Messiah.

How can a Gentile, WHO WAS NEVER UNDER THE LAW, have the Roman 7 experience? He can’t. He has to reinterpret the Bible to accommodate his “woe is me” false humility complex.

If you kick the Jew out of Romans 7, as is common in orthodoxy, you miss the whole point and labor under a false premise. Romans 7 is another place where orthodoxy has conspired to replace the Jew with the Gentile.

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Where has Dan been? SheridanVoice Update

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Romans 6:15-7:6 Serving in Newness of Spirit

A new kind of service enjoyed.

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Update on the “Context and Flow” Series

We are moving along in the “Context and Flow” Series. So far we’ve covered 122 chapters (Matthew 1- Romans 6) in 180 20-minute messages.

Remember once again why I am doing this series:

Why We Are Going Line-By-Line Through The Bible…

I am doing these studies for three main reasons:

1. To provide a study of the Bible in context – it’s easy to hover over a few pet doctrines or favorite passages and distort them. Covering things in the context and flow will force us to think about things AS God brings them up. Bible study in context will keep us balanced and mature.

2. To help and encourage people who want to study the Bible. Many people don’t know HOW to read the Bible. I hope that as people listen they will become comfortable reading and thinking through texts. There are a lot of people who simply need a helping hand to get them started, once they get a little nudge they’re able to take it from there. I’m thankful that there were those who did this for me – this is me paying it forward.

3. To have on record a verse-by-verse commentary from someone who doesn’t read into the Bible the horrible doctrine of “eternal conscious torment.”

These studies aren’t POLEMIC in nature. From time to time what I teach will be contrary to certain opinions, however, the nature of these studies is positive – to teach the Bible.

Note that these audios aren’t the final say on doctrinal matters. They are my thoughts on the passages under consideration. I will from time to time revise and correct my statements through further study and input from my brethren.

I hope these audios are useful to you. I trust that as you listen to these audios you will think through them with an open Bible. The links to the books I have covered are listed below the main graphic on the top of the home-page.

Let me know you’re listening!

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Romans 6:1-14 Walking in Newness of Life

Romans 6:1-14 in the context and flow.

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Romans 5:12-21 Grace Reigns Through Righteousness Over Everyone!

An exposition of Romans 5:12-21

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