Health Update

Hello my friends. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 7. I will be having four of my vertebrae in my neck “fused.” In 2004 I had my lower back fused. That pain has never subsided, but I have been able to get my study and recordings done. Now I have both lower back and neck pain – very painful in both cases. But the pain in my neck is much different. I have burning pain in the back of my neck which is only magnified when sitting at a computer, an extremely weakened left arm, no feeling in my left hand, and general shooting pain down both shoulders and arms. This pain really makes it harder to concentrate and extremely hard to write. The surgery will take five hours. The possible side effects are that I may have vocal cord damage – let’s pray that isn’t the case. The recovery time is said to take six to eight weeks. Hopefully I can get back to only having lower back pain.

I am still devoted to the “Context and Flow Series.” I am attempting to finish Genesis and Colossians before I head to the hospital. Once I am back, I plan on continuing right through the Bible. I am determined to have on record a complete commentary of the Bible from the perspective of one who believes in the salvation of all, does not believe in orthodox hell, and who practices the principle of right division.

I also have been preparing two other major works:

1. Moses, Egypt, and the Book of Job. I have been studying ancient Sumer and Egypt with the express purpose of creating a series on the book of Job – especially from the perspective of Moses who was “learned in all the wisdom of Egypt,” and who came into contact with the story of Job while in Midian. This study consumes and overwhelms me! I am even taking courses on Egyptology – studying its history, architecture, government, religion, hieroglyphics, etc… I can’t wait to present my findings to you.

2. I am preparing notes for a series on the nature of death and judgment – tentatively titled, “The Wages of Sin.” This will be a tool to present to your hell-fire friends as it will answer every hell-fire passage from both the Old and New Testaments.

As always, pray for me. I do these in my “spare time” as I have to work two jobs to pay the bills, and these months of sickness have kept me out of work from both jobs.

Christ is worth all these efforts! My wife agrees.

With sincere love,

Dan Sheridan

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Christian Cathedrals and Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Monuments To Paganism and Salvation by Works

Christian Cathedrals and Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Monuments To Paganism and Salvation by Works – By Daniel Sheridan
Christian cathedrals, which kicked off the era of Gothic art in the tenth century, and Egyptian pyramids are strikingly similar in that both these massive stone monuments promote anti-biblical ideas regarding death, communication with the dead, and salvation by works.
The first Cathedral, Saint Denis, was built in France by the Abbot Suger. The cleverly designed structure is named after the patron saint of France, Denis/Dionysus. Of the many “Christian” and pagan high-relief pieces of artwork which decorate the impressive structure, one of these carved images depict Denis carrying his severed head. Denis, it is said, suffered martyrdom by beheading, after which – legend declares – his headless body picked up his severed head and carried it to its final resting place in Saint Denis – cool trick! So the foundation of this Cathedral is based on childish propaganda stories invented to promote middle age “christianity.” Early Christians adopted the notion that it was ok to lie if it meant promoting “the truth” (See Ballou’s Ancient History of Universalism).
Suger wrote about his cathedral building project, and in this account he claims miraculous events took place while building the Cathedral – more propaganda. In that same work, Suger says that the act of building the cathedral wins favor with the martyred saints and God. In short, Saint Denis is founded upon pagan legends, is designed to communicate with the dead who mediate for the living, and helps earn “eternal salvation” from the pagan “hell.” This is the function of the so-called “Bible of the poor” written in concrete. Cathedrals are some of the poorest “translations” in existence!
The Egyptian pyramids are also massive structures designed by ingenious men. These structures were built to satisfy religious ideas – the cult of the dead. In the early centuries, Christianity flourished in North Africa – Alexandria, Dura-Europos, etc… Even though these early Christians condemned Egyptian paganism, they carried much of the Osirian iconography and theology into their new faith – ideas, which, combined with philosophy, still dominate Christian theology and art today.
New Kingdom royal tombs depict underworld “after-death” scenes in which those who displeased Osiris “in life” are thrown into fiery pits to be tortured. Early Christian monks took up residence in some of these abandoned tombs, and the pagan ideas which decorated their new homes influenced their theology. The Coptic Christians called Satan’s realm Amente, “the West,” named after the realm of Osiris, and the doorkeepers of this hellish realm had animal heads and held sharp knives – just like Osiris’s “gatekeepers.” Even the Coptic representation of the cross resembles the hieroglyph for life. We could go on and on with comparisons, but we have shown enough to help you see the connection.
The cathedrals, as to their floor plans, are shaped like a “Christian cross.” They are designed to communicate with the dead and invite people to undertake the impossible task of earning their salvation from the fictitious “hell” that awaits them. The cathedral’s altar stands in the middle where the cross crosses (Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t good enough, so they need another altar to repeat it over and over), its choir at the top of the cross (which sets up a “Christian” priesthood separated from the common people), and its nave makes up the bottom portion of the cross where the people worship at a distance. (God keeps common people at a fearful distance – just like the pagan gods).
Both Egyptian Pyramids and Christian Cathedrals are built upon lies, and these massive human structures serve as permanent monuments mocking the false hopes of religious man. God called Israel out of Egypt, and He would have us leave Pagan Christianity with its robed clergy and its lies concerning the nature of death, hell, and salvation by works.
The Egyptian pagan scenes of the gods and the underworld make us laugh, we should laugh even harder at the childish scenes of hell which are still believed today! The Christian hell is more ridiculous than the underworld of pagan mythology. If we are in tune with the God of Scripture, instead of going on pilgrimages to these houses of “worship,” or imitating their ceremonies, we should see them for what they are – affronts to God.
Christ died and rose from the dead to abolish sin and death. Death isn’t life in any way, shape, or form. Salvation is God’s gift which can’t be earned by works, no matter how impressive these works appear to the human eye. The only solution to death is life! Resurrection! “As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”
The reason people rage when you tell them there is no hell is because their whole religious system is an elaborate human invention designed to make man feel good about his great works. Imagine telling Pharaoh or Suger that their works were a waste of time and only hide God from mankind! They would have you killed! What you just said diminished their power – politically and religiously! Imagine telling them,
“Instead of spending all this money and energy on building projects which do not please God, why not just believe God and use that money and man-power to show what God is really like and feed the poor and spread the joy of faith?”
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Medical Leave…

On November 7th I will be having cervical vertebrae surgery, three fused and a fourth will be a game-time decision – but the doctor says the fourth will most likely be done too. There are some downsides to the surgery, including the possibility of losing my voice. According to the doctor, this surgery is much more involved than the common one or two vertebrae. I’ve done my diligence, the issue is now in God’s hands.

For the rest of this year I will not be able to publish any audios or writings.

Until we talk again, keep searching the Scriptures.

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Genesis 44:1-45:8

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Colossians 1:12-20

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Context and Flow Update

I have been delayed for the last week because of issues related to my neck. I will have more recordings in the next few days. We will continue our journey together through the Scriptures in their context and flow shortly.

I am glad to be travelling together with you!

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