Did God Drown Little Children In The Flood?

This is a question that has troubled a lot of people. There are so many immature and reactionary beliefs about the Old Testament it’s hard to get people to think about the Scriptures in a thoughtful and logical manner. Most don’t understand it, so they mock it – even BELIEVERS! Too often we glory in our ignorance and mistake it for “being spiritual.” Instead, let’s patiently consider the truth. Are you a believer? If you are, give God the benefit of the doubt that He has written EVERYTHING in the Scriptures for our learning – nothing is unnecessary.

What was going on at the time of the flood? There was an invasion, an angelic invasion. According to Jude these angels left their angelic bodies and inhabited flesh. The Sons of God mingled with the daughters of men and created a hybrid race.

Why did they do this? To prevent the seed of the woman from coming into the world.

What characterizes a hybrid? It can’t reproduce. The initial invasion of the Sons of God produced a line of giants/heroes. So the mingling of “strange flesh” combined with the subsequent violence of the “heroes” eventually brought about the ultimate extermination of all “pure” human beings. As a result, there was no more reproduction. Thus, no more children! By the time of Noah’s flood there were only adults in the world. Only Noah was perfect as to his pedigree – there were no angels mingled with his line.

Did you ever wonder why Noah and his family didn’t have any little kids with them on the ark? Because Noah knew the evil that was going on in the world. He was probably afraid the Sons of God would try to mix with his line. Noah walked with God. God spoke to Noah in plain language. Noah was perfectly apprised as to the situation. As a result, he, and his family held off having more kids till after the flood.

Why a flood? Because angels hate water! That’s why our Lord says the unclean spirit seeks WATERLESS places seeking rest. Angles are bound by water. That’s why God sent two floods: one in Genesis 1:2; a second in Genesis 6.

This is food for thought. There’s a lot more that can be discussed on this subject. It’s my conviction, based on a careful study of Scripture, that there were no babies or children drowned in the flood.

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Matthew 1: The Family and Birth of the King


A reading of Matthew 1 with comments: Studying topics in the context and flow.

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil

When Adam ate from the tree he got the knowledge of good and evil. One way to translate that passage is, “the knowledge of blessings and misfortunes.” The “tree OF the knowledge of good and evil” means a tree that imparts the experience of both blessings and misfortunes. Just as the tree of life would have imparted the experience of life without the fear of death.

I hope this translation clears up a few things. With the entrance of sin into the world blessings and misfortunes are mixed. Paul calls this an evil age, not a sinful age. Why? Because we live in an age where tragedies abound. There’s violence, colds, cancer, divorce, and all kinds of “evils.”

But there are blessings too. Who hasn’t enjoyed a good meal, the occasional financial gain, the love of friends and family, a good book, etc…

One day the misfortunes will vanish and we will have nothing but blessings. Until then, rejoice in the blessings, trust God through the misfortunes, and, whatever our lot, be they blessings or misfortunes, live in such a way that Christ will be magnified in our bodies.

Your brother in that blessed hope!


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Audio: The Book! A Normal Book, Written By Normal Men, In Normal Language, For Normal People

The Book

John Wayne and The Book!; Phillips Schaff and The Book; Truth vs. Interpretation; Holy Ground.

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What is Death?


Is death life?; Death is a return; Misquoting 2 Corinthians 5; The gospel isn’t a solution for what happens AT death, the gospel is the solution TO death.

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The Widow “Silence Dogood” On The Clergy

When Benjamin Franklin was a teenager he worked for his brother in the printing business. During those teenage years he developed his writing skills. He started writing to the New England Courant under a fictitious name, “Silence Dogood.” She was a widow who wrote to the Courant about Colonial life. Her writings became famous. Nobody, including Benjamin’s brother, knew the true identity of their new favorite author.

Even as a young man Franklin had a love of liberty. He let the sweet old widow express his disdain for titles of nobility and ecclesiastical hierarchies. One February 18th, 1723, in the New England Courant we read:

“In old times it was no disrespect for men and women to be called by their own names. Adam was never called Master Adam; we never read of Noah Esquire, Lot Knight and Baronet, nor the Right Honorable Abraham, Viscount Mesopotamia, Baron of Canaan. No, no, they were plain men, honest country graziers that took care of their families and their flocks.

Moses was a great prophet and Aaron a priest of the Lord; but we never read of the Reverend Moses nor the Right Reverend Father in God, Aaron, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Israel. Thou never sawest Madam Rebecca in the Bible, my Lady Rachel, nor Mary, though a princess of the blood, after the death of Joseph called the Princess Dowager of Nazareth. No, plain Rebecca, Rachel, Mary, or the Widow Mary, or the like. It was no incivility then to mention their naked names as they were expressed.”

This from a boy of 16! What an insight. “Pastors” and “Reverends” take note.

In the 1990s I used to minister to young kids at the Joliet Youth Correctional Center. One week a friend brought his “Pastor.” The clergyman was a young man. My partner in the work was a gray-headed patriarch. The clergyman introduced himself to the aged man as “Pastor John.” The older, and wiser man replied, “Hi John.” Johnny corrected the patriarch, “It’s Pastor John.” The old fella replied, “I heard ya John.”

Imagine the arrogance of Johnny! A young professional in the presence of the older, wiser, godly patriarch, insisting that he be called that ridiculous title.

This is rampant in America. Sure, there are good men in high positions, noble and humble men, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to point out how Church hierarchies have contributed to the general ignorance and shallowness of their “flocks.”

Too bad the Churches didn’t follow the principles of liberty in America! Instead of the Biblical pattern of a body of elders and deacons carefully loving a local family of believers, Diotrephes-like Pastor-kings, who love to have the preeminence, rule their congregations from their “Church-Palaces” on their throne pulpit.

Maybe if we start a liberty movement among believers, we will rescue ourselves from the King George’s of the Pulpits. Then we will have a body of believers who take the word of God seriously.

In colonial America, farmers read Blackstone’s commentaries! The Federalist Papers were newspaper articles read by the common man! Today they are considered post-grad reading! The Political Hierarchies preferred that the people remain ignorant so they can RULE them without too much trouble. In other words, an intelligent reading people leads to political liberty. They didn’t leave it all up to King George, they dumped him!

Today, the Religious Hierarchies prefer that the people remain ignorant so they can maintain an aura of having a special hotline to heaven. The typical Christian considers CS Lewis as “serious reading,” and 30-day devotionals as “Bible Study.” That’s the perfect situation for the modern religious hierarchy. Shallow people keep looking up to the “Pastor.” Leave the serious study up to Pastor-King So-and-So.

Liberty isn’t for the ignorant, Politically, or Religiously. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Most prefer being ruled, it’s easier.

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A Helpful Study Tool

Has anyone used The Emphasized Bible? I must say I’m enjoying many of the notes. They really help with Hebrew idioms and grammar. Good stuff in the Greek too. A very useful tool. If you don’t have one, it’s well worth getting one. Happy hunting.

Here’s an example from Genesis 1:1 on the word “create”:

to cut,” or “to carve”: hence, “form” or “create”…not necessarily to make out of nothing, cp. verses 21, 27…outside this passage , no example in the O.T. can be found wherein a making out of nothing is plainly intended by the Heb. “bara”, the reader who insists on that meaning here DOES SO ON HIS OWN RESPONSIBILITY. THE GRATUITOUS INTRODUCTION OF DIFFICULTIES SHOULD OF COURSE BE AVOIDED.

Emphasis mine. How many times have I made the assumption this note corrected me on. How many times have I read and heard others make that claim too. It’s always good to have a passage made clearer. It’s better to be corrected than to make a “bold stand” for something that isn’t true.

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God’s Wrath: Against The Living or the Dead? (The Evolutionary Development of “Hell”)

“O that thou wouldest hide me in the grave, that thou wouldest keep me secret, until thy wrath be past, that thou wouldest appoint me a set time, and remember me!” Job 14:13

Those are the words of Job. Job was the first book ever written. Moses had it on his table when he wrote Genesis.

Job was familiar with basic doctrines. He knew about creation, angels, Adam, Eve, the Flood, the nature of death, and the hope of resurrection.

Notice in this verse Job connects “wrath” with the LIVING, not the dead. This flies in the face of orthodoxy which associates wrath with an underworld death state. But if you search the Scriptures you will see that wrath is always connected with those who are alive. God deals with living people when He shows His wrath. It’s not always against unbelievers either, God displayed his wrath on believers like Moses.

No wonder the orthodox eternal torment teachers say, “You can’t go to the Old Testament to learn about death.” Why do they say that? Because they have an evolutionary faith. They may speak loudly against Darwin, but their teachings about hell are as evolutionary as the teachings of Herbie Spenser and Charlie Darwin. Eternal torment teaching resembles evolution in this way: Hell was like a monkey in the Old Testament, not quite human; but it evolved into a full grown man in the New Testament – that’s the theory behind the doctrine of eternal torment.

If you hold to eternal torment, please, come to your senses. Embrace the truth about death and resurrection. Your message will then become Biblical. It will be about “Jesus and the Resurrection.” As a result, you will have true converts to Christ, not people who follow the latest church-going fads.

Hell is a Satanic invention. If it’s part of your gospel, you don’t have a gospel. You can’t be saved from something that doesn’t exist! Those who believe in hell nullify the cross-work of Jesus Christ.

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Creeds – Adding to the Word of God

I saw a post today where someone pasted the Nicene Creed. The person who posted it seemed good hearted and wants to find common ground with people in an effort to show them the truth about the Saviorhood of God. That’s a good method. Start where we agree! Work our way out from there! Amen.

Another person responded to the post by saying that he is suspicious of anyone who questions the creed. I guess I’m a suspicious character.

There may have been good men in that group who wrote the Creed. They were sincere in battling what they considered error.

But here’s the mistake they made. It’s the same mistake Eve made in the garden. Satan denied the Word of God by twisting it, so Eve added to the Word of God in an attempt to strengthen it. When she did that she took the power away from the Word!

Notice how they did the same thing in the Creed. Here’s a sample:

“We believe in…one Lord Jesus Christ,
the only Son of God,
begotten from the Father before all ages,
God from God,
Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made;
of the same essence as the Father…”

Notice the language. The Creed has three Gods. The Father is God, the Son is true God, and so is the Holy Spirit. One, plus One, plus One equals THREE!

Notice too: “begotten…before all ages.” That’s a contradiction of terms. “Begotten, not made.” Another strange wording.

In an effort to defend Jesus Christ from a Jehovah’s Witness type of teaching they went the opposite direction! They ADDED to the Word. They sought to strengthen the Word, as a result, they nullified it!

Let’s be careful. If we need to add to the Word of God to defend a position, we only nullify it. Let’s make sure we don’t add to the Word of God when defending the work of Christ, the nature of death, the sovereignty of God, the salvation of all, and other great truths. If we develop a new language when we promote an aspect of truth we are already on the road to ruin.

It would be a shame to nullify these great truths by adding to the Word in an effort to “strengthen” it.

We don’t have to wear clergy costumes to act like the clergy we pretend to despise. Eve was naked! Anti-Church doesn’t automatically mean you’re pro-Bible.

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We Are Programmed To Live!


Why we hate death; Programmed for life!; Thanatophobia; Asking the right questions.

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