Enhil, The King Of The Gods, Kills People For Disturbing His Nap…

Enhil, The King Of The Gods, Kills People For Disturbing His Nap…

The gods of the ancient world treated men like slaves. The human race served only one purpose – to fulfill the desires of the gods (feed them, house them, etc…).

The people of the ancient world, not having vaccines, the weather channel, or CNN, couldn’t understand natural disasters like diseases, floods, storms, and famines, so they sought explanations in the activities of the gods. The capricious gods were responsible for floods, disease, and famine. Man, to appease the displeased gods, had to slave for them to stave off the chaos.

Enhil, the king of the gods of Mesopotamia, was so disturbed with humanity for disturbing his nap, he wiped out most of them with a flood – so the legend reads. Imagine what this belief does to a person’s psychological state! Nay, the psychological state of a whole culture!

The God of Scripture is nothing like this. He is a God who loves mankind, He is obsessed with it, and He desires a true union with the human race. The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the entire human system.

This is why Scripture calls God the “True and Living God,” to contrast Him with the gods of the nations.

Search the Scriptures
And you will see
The God it reveals
Loves you and me.

God is light and God is love. Those who learn this can enjoy a peaceful and joyous psychological state in rain or shine, sickness or health, or in whatever circumstances life throws our way.

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2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

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Things That Have Done Great Damage To The Cause Of Truth…

Things That Have Done Great Damage To The Cause Of Truth: Reinterpreting Death, The Word “Church,” Making Judgment mean Punishment, and Pentecostal Imitations

I look back in history and I read in my Bible and I know a lot of things happened that did great damage to the truth of God.

One thing that did great damage was when Satan said to Eve, ‘Thou shalt not surely die.’ She believed it. You won’t die, there’s no such thing as death, you can’t die. You’ll just move into a larger and a fuller life. That was the first lie that was ever told and the first lie that was ever believed.

I believe also that is was a terrible thing when men took the word ‘ekklesia’ and said it meant what our word ‘church’ means. I think that was a terrible mistake from which we still suffer today. Take any definition of the word ‘church’ and that is not what ‘ekklesia’ means. Ekklesia simply does not mean church and church does not mean ekklesia. It was a tragedy that this was imposed upon the Word of God.

Then another mistake was made when the word ‘judgment’ was made to mean ‘punishment.’ Instead of seeing that God’s judgments are good and greatly to be desired, that they are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb, and that when the day comes when the earth will be filled with God’s judgments that this will be the greatest possible blessing that men can ever enjoy, and when God causes judgment to be heard from heaven and the earth be filled with His judgments – Yet men took this word and made it to mean punishment and you can still hear evangelists talking about how God is pouring out His terrible judgments and His frightful judgments upon the sons of men. That was a great error which still persists with us today and is hard to get away from.

And then another error that was imposed upon men which came out of America’s frontier days, and this was just about as bad as any of them. People began to imagine that the work of the Holy Spirit was to get people worked-up emotionally and enthusiastically, to get them shouting and screaming and running up and down the aisles – they said this was the work of the Holy Spirit. I know that the established Churches in those days were so sedate, so high-bound, and so creed-bound that when people began to have their ‘store-front’ meetings, or their brush-hopper meetings, or their tent meetings they felt more liberty there and began to let their emotions run riot and as a result they began to think that this is the work of the Holy Spirit. But that isn’t what the Holy Spirit does. You just couldn’t find that stuff in the pages of the Word of God.

(I transcribed these words from an audio of Otis Sellers – good stuff!!)

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The Word Eon – Not A Time Period

The Word Eon – Not A Time Period

The noun “eon” has been thought to mean a time period, and those who hold this view like to make a God-calendar made up of eons. I used to believe this, but I no longer do. I think associating eon and eonian with time periods only confuses the issue and hides much wonderful truth from us.

The noun “eon” and the adjective “eonian” have more to do with flow than than they do with time. Eon is a flower. In John 4 we read about a river Aenon, and this is derived from eon. There are rivers in Italy, France, and England named after this Greek word. I live in Avon Township, which was named by the original settlers after the Avon River in the Old World – I live in Eon! The word was never applied to lakes, only FLOWING rivers. An ancient Greek athlete once wrote home to his mother boasting that he had made an eon – a record – in the Olympics. Why an eon? Becuase an eon is a flowing thing which is meant to be broken.

Those who will have eonian life in the kingdom of God will flow out to others leading them to the knowledge of the true and living God.

Orthodoxy messed this word up. There are two kinds of people according to orthodoxy, those with “eternal” life and those going to hell. But when you understand eonian life you can’t possibly teach annihilation or hell. That’s because if one has eonian life, who will he or she flow out to? They will flow out to those without eonian life. In the future, those with eonian life are God’s representatives who will flow out until God finally becomes all in all. Those without eonian life aren’t going to be destroyed, but they will be resurrected to learn through God’s flowers about the God they either rejected or didn’t know in this life.

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Is Marriage God’s Arrangement Today?

Is Marriage God’s Arrangement Today?

In the Bible, the women of Israel were identified with their husbands and the portion God assigned that particular family. That’s why the divorce laws in Israel were so stringent. To ruin the family was also to ruin the inheritance and the structure God laid out for His people.

But this does not mean that those marriage and marriage laws apply to us today. I believe in marriage. I believe it is a wonderful institution. I believe that marriage was good before Adam’s sin and it will be good in the Kingdom of God. But to apply the laws of Israel to those outside Israel’s system in the land is a mistake.

Take Job, for example. He had three daughters, the Miss Worlds of the day for their great beauty, and Job gave them an inheritance among their brothers – these ladies had their own portion! Their lives and position weren’t morphed into a husband. Job was from the line of Esau and had nothing to do with God’s arrangement for his distant cousins.

The moral of the story: God’s plan for marriage in Israel was just that, God’s plan for THEM – it was His arrangement. Marriages aren’t God’s arrangements today. “Ministers” or Justices aren’t God’s ministers putting God’s sanction on a marriage. Today marriage is completely our choice, some choices are good, some not so good. But let’s not make the mistake of saying that our marriages are God-sanctioned and our divorces are against God. You don’t need a minister, a church, or any ceremony to create a marriage – it is completely your arrangement with your significant other. If you want to have the state sanction it for various reasons, that’s your decision.

I made a good choice, and I hope God continues it in the kingdom. Until then, I try to follow Ephesians five for my marching orders as a husband.

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Did God kill babies the night of the Passover?

“And Moses said, Thus saith the LORD, About midnight will I go out into the midst of Egypt: And all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sitteth upon his throne, even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill; and all the firstborn of beasts.” Exodus 11:4-5 (Listen my audio on this text here)

Too often we generalize Scripture or read western ideas into it. The word firstborn has suffered greatly from modern expositions, and its great truth has been hidden behind tradition. The common interpretation of the above passage, emanating from both the silver screen and the pulpit, is that God killed a bunch of innocent children the night of the Passover. I remember as a kid watching a movie about Moses where the Pharaoh is holding his dead little boy in his lap. Nothing can be further from the truth. The judge of all the earth has, and always will do right.

The term firstborn applies to adult males who occupy positions of authority – either in the family or the government. My wife and I were watching a show called Designated Survivor. On the night of the State of the Union, the Capitol Building was destroyed and all three branches of government with it. Keifer Sutherland, who played a member of the President’s Cabinet, was suddenly President – he was the designated survivor. Now imagine if every Federal, State, County, City, and Township official were wiped out on a single night. That’s what happened in Egypt the night of the Passover – only Pharaoh was spared.

The Firstborn of people were the leaders – from Pharaoh’s cabinet down to the nomarchs and other nome officials. The Firstborn of beasts were the best of the stock – we might call them the breeding stock. Imagine the shock in Egypt that night.

No babies were harmed in the original epic – only Hollywood revisionist histories and the orthodox hell-fire monster kills innocent babies.

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