John 13:1-30 The Meaning of Foot-Washing

Nobody alive today can claim John 13-17 for themselves; The most powerful men in history given an example of how to lead; Ego and greed; Judas held the bag; It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

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John 12:12-50 Christ Will Draw All To Him! God Is Not Blinding Anyone Today – The Misuse of Isaiah 6 Exposed

The Servant-King Brings Peace; Christ Loses His Soul; Christ’s Servants Lose Their Souls Too; I Will Draw All To Me; Isaiah 6 is about Rejection of Plain Evidence Personally by Jesus Christ; God Isn’t Blinding Anyone Today.

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John 11:38-12:11 Lazarus Come Forth! He That Was Dead Came Forth.

The Raising of Lazarus; God and Christ gain esteem through resurrection; The dead aren’t alive; The Pharisees worried about their jobs; Mary’s precious gift; Judas skims off the top; How are we doing helping those in need?

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John 11:1-37 What Makes Christianity Different From Every Religion?

Death is an enemy not a path to a better life; Jesus hates death, orthodoxy glorifies it; The dead aren’t alive; Resurrection is the Christian hope, not death; Jesus said, “Lazarus come forth”, not “Lazarus, come down from heaven in your spirit form and re-inhabit your body”; It’s not pagan to visit a cemetery or weep for those who died; Jesus has empathy even today; Why did Jesus snort like a horse and weep?

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Scripture Conference Announcement – June 2016!


Facebook is nice, but in person is better. We live in a day where we have easy communication with Facebook, Twitter, Texting and the like. But with all these methods of instant communication we lack real communication. So much of the communication through these modern means are superficial, combative, or destructive. These tools have not improved our ability to discuss and communicate effectively and patiently, just the opposite. Too often these methods of communication are used to AVOID real communication with others under the guise of communicating – in other words, they are convenient excuses to avoid people!

Here’s a chance to get out from hiding from behind the keyboard and enjoy the presence of your brethren:

JUNE 10-12
3372 ST.RTE 5
Any questions, please call Ted McDivitt at 330-638-1551

Come out from the technological wilderness and enjoy the personal presence of your brethren. Paul said, “I long to see YOU…” not digital images of you.

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John 10:1-21 I Am The Door; I Am The Good Shepherd

The context and flow of John 10 – who are the sheep?; Read Psalm 95, Isaiah 40, Ezekiel 34 and Jeremiah 23; The Lord came in accord with the Hebrew Scriptures and gave His Soul (sacrificed ease, comfort, and his own life) for others; The current Shepherds are fired!

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