PODCAST: What Presidents and a Justice said about the Bible

John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR tell us what they think about the Bible. 

Did you know that American soldiers, before they left to fight in WW2, were given a Gideon’s New Testament especially printed for them with a note from FDR? What did he write? 

Finally, how do you know you’re reading it wrong? Find out.

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Phyllis Wheatley: African Slave Prodigy

Phyllis Wheatley: African Slave Prodigy – By Daniel W. Sheridan

Contrary to the common belief of the day, African slaves were just as talented, intelligent, and capable as any human being. They excelled in many fields, including literary. Letters written by escaped slaves demonstrated incredible learning as well as a superior power of expression. Some of these were published, but many, unfortunately, have been forgotten. 

One particular person stands out, a prodigy, an African slave-girl from Boston, the incredibly talented Phyllis Wheatley (1753-84). When she was seven, Phyllis was taken from her home in Africa and sold in the Boston slave-market to a Mrs. Wheatley. Realizing the child was incredibly gifted, Mrs. Wheatley saw to it that Phyllis received a good education. Young Phyllis began writing verse, and her poems were published before she turned nineteen. Her writings caught the attention of George Washington, who sent her a personal letter of praise.

On this day, October 18, 1775, Phillis Wheatley was freed from the bondage of slavery.

Here is a portion of one of her poems called, “On The Imagination”:

Imagination! who can sing thy force?

 Or who describe the swiftness of thy course?

 Soaring though air to find the bright abode,

 The empyreal palace of the thundering God,

 We on thy pinions can surpass the wind,

 And leave the rolling universe behind;

 From star to star the mental optics rove,

 Measure the skies, and range the realms above.

 There in one view we grasp the mighty whole,

 Or with new worlds amaze the unbounded soul.

Phyllis died at the age of 31 on December 5, 1784.

PODCAST: The Preservation of God’s Word

Paul said, “As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” If the Old Testament is a myth, there was no such person as Adam. As a result, Paul was bearing false witness, and Jesus Christ, who believed the Old Testament, was part of the conspiracy. That means the Christian has no message to share! If Genesis is a myth, then nobody died in Adam, and nobody, as a consequence, will be made alive in Christ. 

Learn in this audio why I believe the Bible to be the Word of God and how the Great Author went through great pains to make sure we had a rock-solid foundation upon which to build our faith.

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Colonial America’s Love of Music, Singing, and Dancing

When George Washington was a boy five years old, this notice appeared in the Virginia Gazette, published in Williamsburg. Try to imagine the scene.

“We have advice from Hanover County, that on Saint Andrew’s Day, there are to be Horse-Races and several other Diversions for the Entertainment of the Gentlemen and Ladies at the Old Field near Captain John Bickerton’s in that county (if permitted by the Hon. Wm. Byrd, esquire. Proprietor of the said Land,) the substance of which is as follows, viz.:

“It is proposed that 20 Horses or Mares do run round a three miles Course for a Prize of Five Pounds. . . .

“That…the DRUMS are to beat every Quarter of an Hour…and none to PLAY with their left hand. That a VIOLIN be PLAYED for by 20 FIDDLERS; no person to have the liberty of PLAYING unless he bring a FIDDLE with him. After the prize is won, they are all to PLAY TOGETHER and each a different tune, and to be treated by the company…”

“That 12 Boys, of 12 years of age, do run 112 yards, for a Hat of the cost of 12 shillings. That a Flag be flying on said Day 30 feet high.”

“That a handsome Entertainment be provided for the subscribers and their wives; and such of them as are not so happy as to have wives, may treat any other lady.”

“That DRUMS, TRUMPETS, HAUTBOYS, etc., be provided, to PLAY at said Entertainment.”

“That after Dinner, the Royal Health, His Honor the Governor’s, etc., are to be drunk.”

“That a Quire of Ballads be SUNG for by a number of Songsters, all of them to have Liquor sufficient to clear their Wind-Pipes.”

“That a pair of handsome Shoes be DANCED for.”

Imagine the joy of such a community gathering! Games, music, singing, and dancing! Bring back music into the cirrculum! People who sing and play together can’t hate each other.