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8 Replies to “Donate”

  1. Hi Dan,
    Just wanted to thank you for coming
    down to South Florida.
    Somehow I didn’t get to say good-bye
    to you when you left Waylan’s house.
    It was so nice to be together with everyone.
    You are a very good teacher (and speaker).
    If we aren’t snatched away soon, I hope to see
    you again in the near future. Greetings to your
    wife also. I remember her from Chicago when her and
    I had to “find” a restaurant for the group. I liked
    her very much. Please consider me a friend in the faith.
    I may be in the Chicago “area” (Indiana side) in
    the spring or summer. I will let you know in advance
    once I know. Maybe we can all meet up.
    Blessings and grace,
    Mary Ellen

  2. Hi Dan, Do you take requests? I have one. I’m apart of a small group(just a handful of folks is all) here in the Quad Cities, IL(Moline,IL)), we’ve been meeting regularly for a couple years. Studying out of the Concordant bible. Also I took your advice and got a large print Companion BIble and I love it! Thanks. Anyway, would you do a teaching on what I’ve heard you mention about two other callings besides the high calling in the Body of Christ. I told one of my group people that I’ve been considering a teaching that says that many of the sincere believers in Christ in Christendom, but who no little or nothing of the salvation of all, and Paul’s later revelation, that they at least have eonian life. And will be in either the Kingdom or New Jerusalem. I really like this teaching cause I feel for sincere people who are devoted believers to the Lord Jesus and at least the basic evangel. But I feel like I need more understanding as to how to present this scripturally. Sometimes I’ll talk about it for example, and my friend will say, “now be careful, those scriptures in the Gospels are to the Jews”, where it mentions eonian life in John’s Gospel for example. Or even the Apostle Paul’s earlier writings, he mentions eonian life for believers often, I’m told to be careful there as well about applying it to believers in the current Administration. And what exactly happened during the readjustment period between the last Administration and this one? I think that relates to this. Did belief in the evangel stop resulting in eoinan life and a place in the Kingdom during the readjustment as some seem to believe? What is the signifigance today, when someone who knows nothing believes the evangel? Does that result in eonian life, even if they have no higher calling in the Body? Will they be roused to the Kingdom or NJ? I understand that if they follow Paul regarding his later revelation, that’s evidence for the higher calling in the Body. I’m just trying learn about those believers who don’t. And I’m not referring to all Christendom, just sincere believers, cause I think that just a sincere belief in the simple evangel is hugely signifigant! I’snt that a gift of faith? I mean they believe that Christ died and rose again, that’s foundational to everything! We all started there for Pete’s sake. So I’m thinking that a teaching presentation on what changed from the last Administration to this one would cover this topic, you know. Whats the difference between the two evangels? What passed away? Did the opportunity to believe for life end? Does a person have to go all the way with Paul’s teachings as we try to do? Is that required? My friend says a lot, “God is only dealing with the Body of Christ now, not the masses”. I understand, but, I don’t know about lumping all believers in with the masses. Anyway, I hope I’ve made my point here for you, and it would be great if you could put something together. My only way of watching your vids is on utube at Aaron Locker’s Channel. There are a bunch of vids there from you and others. So I suppose he would post it there if you are interested in responding to this. So, that’s about it, I’ll see ya.

  3. Hey there, I just discovered this site here and that your doing Mp3 recordings of teachings. That’s great. I’ll look in these for where you may have already touched on the topic of my last message to you regarding the questions about the different callings for believers, let me just ask a few more questions about what I’m struggling to understand in the scriptures. What was the “readjustment” period all about, how do people get eonian life in each administration(particularly the last one and this current one)? Does only the Body of Christ have eonian life in the current administration? If not, what determines whether a believer today ,who isn’t a part of the Body, is roused to the Kingdom or roused to NJ? Will believers during the last administration in Acts, be roused to the Kingdom or NJ? Whats the difference between the Kingdom calling and the NJ calling? Do believers who aren’t in the Body today, but have a calling to the Kingdom or NJ, do they have to go through the coming indignation or do they get snatched away before like the Body? That’s it, I think! lol See ya.

  4. Greetings Dan,

    I am the one who spoke with you on your last day “altar call” down in Faith N.C. concerning those who knew other languages and who might be able to help in the translation of some of your works, etc. In my case, the language being Hungarian. Sorry for the delay in getting in touch with you. I attempted to get in touch with you as soon after we returned home from Faith but could not access your site due it being in the process of being shut down!!?? I’m glad to see you are still “alive and kicking” in the wonderfull world of the www.

    As I indicated to you my Hungarian skills were not learned from Hungarian schools but were taught to me by my parents. It was the only language we communicated with whenever we were together. Therefore my vocabulary is limited to what theirs was. They have been dead for a good while now and as with anything else it’s a “use it or lose it” thing.

    I attempted to do some translation of a couple simple Biblical expositions and I must admit, it came with great difficulty. The problem with me will be getting the correct thought across to the reader because of that limited vocabulary.

    I would love to help you with this but I would also hate to think that my Hungarian translation was the reason that some of the readers of it had to be sent to one of those “forever Christian torture places”….ha, ha.

    By the way my wife and I thorougly enjoyed your presentations down in Faith.


  5. Hello Dan,

    We would like to send a donation to help you a little bit with your needs but have been unable to find the address on your web site to mail the check to. We enjoy reading the material you post here. Keep it coming!!! Judi and Charlie Hepper

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