Can You Answer These Questions Using Only The Words Of Scripture?

Can You Answer These Questions Using Only The Words Of Scripture?
1. What is man? Genesis 2:7
2. Can a soul die? Ezekiel 18:4
3. What is death? Genesis 3:19
4. Are there any life-like functions in death? Ecclesiastes 9:10
5. If a man dies, shall he live again? 1 Corinthians 15:22
Are you willing to change any of your “theological” views regarding life and death if they disagree with Scripture?
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The Successful Christian Life

The Successful Christian Life
As I write this, I am in pain. I’ve lived in constant pain for over twenty years. I tell you this, not to draw attention to myself, but because I want you to understand that my faith in my Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, isn’t altered by circumstances – I am no “sunshine patriot” when it comes to my God. My circumstances are the pulpit from which I desire to proclaim His glory and grace. A successful Christian life has nothing to do with circumstances, adverse or favorable.
Jesus Christ will not only prove to be successful in saving all mankind from sin and its consequences, but He has also proved successful in bringing joy to many hearts through great trials. Paul is a perfect example of this. His letter to the Philippians is the “free outflow of tender love and gratitude, and full of joy and cheerfulness in the face of life and death. It is like his midnight hymn of praise in the dungeon of Philippi. ‘Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say rejoice’ (Phil. 4:4). This is the key-note of the letter. It proves that a healthy Christian faith, far from depressing and saddening the heart, makes truly happy and contented even in prison.”
This happiness can’t be found in human religion or philosophy. Men’s greatest efforts to find life and peace have left them restless and unsatisfied. “If anyone,” challenges F.W. Farrar, “compare the spirit of the best-known classic writers in their adversity with that which was habitual to the far deeper wrongs and far deadlier sufferings of Paul – if he will compare the Epistle to the Philippians with the ‘Tristia’ of Ovid, the letters of Cicero from exile, or the treatise which Seneca dedicated to Polybius from his banishment in Corsica – he may see, if he will, the difference which Christianity has made in the happiness of man.”
To live a successful Christian life depends on you and you alone. If you choose to find your joy in God and seek Him out in His word, you will be a successful Christian. How do I know? Because God will never let those who seek Him down. Never.
How tedious and tasteless the hours
When Jesus no longer I see!
Sweet prospects, sweet birds and sweet flow’rs,
Have all lost their sweetness to me.
The midsummer sun shines but dim,
The fields strive in vain to look gay;
But when I am happy in Him
December’s as pleasant as May.
Content with beholding His face,
My all to His pleasure resigned;
No changes of season or place,
Would make any change in my mind.
While blessed with a sense of His love,
A palace a toy would appear;
And prisons would palaces prove,
If Jesus would dwell with me there.
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Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth

If we do not rightly divide the word of truth, we will eventually come to passages of Scripture which we will either ignore or modify.
Right-division is much more than a “mode of interpretation,” it involves the character of God and the integrity of His word.
The “Context and Flow” series is based on these principles:
1. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is the “word of truth.” We are honoring it as truth from God.
2. The Bible must be rightly divided in order to understand it properly and walk accordingly.
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Context and Flow Series Update

We have completed Matthew through 1 Timothy and Genesis through Exodus 18 in our verse-by-verse series. I hope these have been a help to you.

Over the next few days, I plan on finishing 2 Timothy as well as putting in a few more chapters in Exodus. In the meantime, have you heard my personal story? The link is here

I am your brother in our happy expectation,


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2 Timothy 1:1-9

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Exodus 17:1-18:27

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