Genesis 23:1-20 Sarah’s Death, Resurrection Hope, and Honest Real-Estate Transactions

How does our faith guide our present domestic and civil actions?

Genesis 23:1-20
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The Christian and Orderly Behavior

The Bible recommends and inculcates orderly behavior, as well as purity of heart and life. They who, under the sanction of religion, trample underfoot the decent forms of civil respect, supposing that because they are religious they have a right to be rude, totally mistake the spirit of Christianity, for love or charity (the soul and essence of Christianity) behaveth not itself unseemly.

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Genesis 22:1-23 The Offering of Isaac and Resurrection Hope

The amazing story of Abraham and Isaac.

Genesis 22:1-23
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Genesis 21:1-34 Resurrection, God’s Promises, Laughter, Preservation, and International Relations

Resurrection hope and God’s promises; the joy of faith; God preserves Ishmael; a peace treaty between two nations; the everlasting God.

Genesis 21:1-34
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Genesis 20:1-18 A Good King Slandered By Christian Bigotry

Abraham lies to good king Abimelech; God communicates with Abimelech; The First Prophet; Abraham’s confession; Bigotry embraces false information; Abimelech teaches Abraham and Sarah about truth and faithfulness.

Genesis 20:1-18
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Happy Birthday To One Of America’s Founding Fathers

#OTD, January 9, 1745, an American Founding Father, Caleb Strong, delegate to the Constitutional Convention, is born.

Caleb Strong also helped draft his state of Massachusetts’ Constitution, served in the State House and Senate, served for two terms as its Governor, and was a U.S. Senator. Strong played a role in the passage of the 11th Amendment. As a citizen, Mr. Strong was a family man with nine children, was active in his church, and “was a leading member of local missionary and Bible societies.”

Celebrate Caleb’s birthday by reading your Bibles, practicing kindness, and sharing the Constitution! Mr. Strong once said,

“Nations have lost their liberties by neglecting their privileges…”

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Don’t neglect our privileges! Get your Pocket Constitutions at and “Read it, Know it, and Share it.”

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