The Immortality of the Soul: Part 3 – The Word of God and Immortality

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To Truth-Seekers…

Dear Truth-Seekers…

Accurate knowledge of God’s Word will influence every aspect of a person’s life. Little sympathy can be shown, neither can true fellowship be extended, to those who only want a general knowledge of the Bible, or, as one popular “Bible teacher,” a self-proclaimed scholar, once said to me, “all we need are cliff notes.” Talk about watering down the word scholar! These, both “scholar” and follower, are the kinds of people who only want a few verses to support their beliefs and upon which they can hang their sermons and catch-phrases.

God has spoken, and, as a result, the highest duty for the child of God is to strive to have an accurate knowledge of what He has said. The good news is that you don’t need to learn the language of the theological elite to accomplish this goal; instead, we ransack the living words of the living God.

Those who base their beliefs on the words of men, who rashly adopt positions on Scripture subjects apart from the deep conviction that comes from examining the evidence, will never stand in the day of trial.

This ministry, recognizing this lazy tendency of people to rely entirely upon the teaching of their favorite men, goes through great pains to keep these studies from becoming such a pitfall.

This ministry is only for those who desire to study and investigate Biblical truth, and therefore these works are designed to help honest truth-seekers to find the truth for themselves.

I am a fellow truth-seeker. I am glad to be on this life-long journey with you.

Your brother,


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Exodus 12:1-28

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The Immortality of the Soul: Part 2 – The Fork In The Road and Decision Time

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Fellowship Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI, Saturday, April 13.

I will be in Grand Rapids, MI, on Saturday, April 13, to meet with a few believers to enjoy their company and fellowship over the Word of God.
If you are in the area and would like to join us, my host says you are welcome to come. Let me know if you are interested, and I will give you the info via e-mail.
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The Immortality of the Soul: Part 1 – Introduction

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