The Successful Savior New Testament Audio Reading

In the 1790s, in England, a handful of scholars met weekly to work on translating the New Testament. These men believed in the Salvation of humanity, as taught by the New Testament.

The work was published in 1798. The title page reads, “A Translation of the Testament from the Original Greek By Nathaniel Scarlett Assisted by Men of Piety and Literature.”

They declared, “To find the real sense of the sacred Scriptures, as dictated by the Holy Spirit, should be the study of every ingenious mind. Let everyone divest himself of prejudice, as far as possible, and candidly examine for himself. Let him search the scriptures: not with a design to cavil, or point out some inaccuracies of different transcribers, &c. &c. (which seems to be the aim of some in the present day.) But, as a learned Author has lately observed, – ‘The Bible hath withstood the learning, power, genius, and wit’ of its greatest opponents in different ages: and all the efforts of modern writings to overturn it will prove abortive…let them rest assured that the truths recorded in this book will remain incontrovertible as long as God Himself exists.”

This version is beautiful! I hope you enjoy this simple reading of the Word of God without comment.

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