Genesis 15:7-21

Topics: The land of promise; God’s covenant with Abram concerning his seed and their land; Suffering before glory; Abram’s death wasn’t life in another place; Did Abram go to Abraham’s bosom when he died?

Genesis 15:7-21

Genesis 15:1-7 Justification by Faith

Topics: Abram didn’t escape the world; he lived in it for God; How do you know when God speaks?; Faith and resurrection; When was Abram justified?; Was Abram a believer before He was justified?; What is justification about?; How has hell-fire theology twisted the doctrine of justification by faith?

Genesis 15:1-7

Genesis 14:1-24 Abram the Hebrew

Topics: Why nations prey on each other; Abram’s reputation; Abram’s confederacy; Abram the international politician, businessman, warrior, and man of faith; Fighting to save men, women, children, and property; Melchizedek and the application of new truth.

Genesis 14:1-24