“He who would obtain from the writings of St. Paul their true, and often quite simple and transparent meaning, must tear away with unsparing hand the accumulated cobwebs of centuries of error.” F.W. Farrar

Chapter 1:1-7 The Seed of David and Son of God
Chapter 1:8-32 From Faith to Faith
Chapter 2:1-16 God’s Judgment Isn’t Based On Race
Chapter 2:17-3:8 Thou Art Called A Jew
Chapter 3:9-20 Are We Better?
Chapter 3:21-31 Justification, Redemption, Mercy Seat: Instruction and Cleansing for Service
Chapter 4:1-25 Justification of Abraham and David
Chapter 5:1-11 Enjoy A True Union And Become An Approved Product
Chapter 5:12-21 Grace Reigns Through Righteousness
Chapter 6:1-14 Walking in Newness of Life
Chapter 6:15-7:6 Serving in Newness of Spirit
Chapter 7:7-8:4 The Romans Seven Experience and its Remedy
Chapter 8:5-17 Life and Peace
Chapter 8:18-30 Suffering and Glory
Chapter 8:31-9:3 What Shall We Say In Harmony With These Things?
Chapter 9:4-18 The Word of God Concerning Israel Hasn’t Lapsed
Chapter 9:19-10:15 The Word of God Concerning Israel Hasn’t Lapsed Part 2
Chapter 10:14-11:24 The Word of God Concerning Israel Hasn’t Lapsed Part 3
Chapter 11:25-12:2 God’s Word Concerning Israel Hasn’t Lapsed Part 4; Logical Service
Chapter 12:1-21 Logical Service
Romans 13:1-14 The Powers that Be
Chapter 14:1-23 Kosher Laws, Sabbath Days, and Edification
Chapter 15:1-33 The God of Patience, Comfort, Expectation, and Peace
Chapter 16:1-27 Men and Women Bearing Fruit out of Season