The Gospel of Mark Line by Line in the Context and Flow.

Chapter 1:1-13 The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Son of God
Chapter 1:14-45 The Government of God Proclaimed
Chapter 2 The Son of Man Forgives Sins and Gives Rest
Chapter 3:1-19 Christ Gets Angry Then Creates His Cabinet
Chapter 3:20-4:20 The “Unpardonable” Sin; Doing God’s Will; The Parable of the Sower
Chapter 4:21-41 Progress Parables
Chapter 5:1-20 Demons, Steak, and Water Pistols
Chapter 5:21-43 No Sick Women or Little Girls in God’s Kingdom
Chapter 6:1-29 A Carpenter Scares a King
Chapter 6:30-56 Conditions In The Kingdom
Chapter 7:1-23 Traditions vs. Word of God
Chapter 7:24-37 A Mother’s Heart Never Broken In The Kingdom
Chapter 8:1-26 The Lesson of the Loaves
Chapter 8:27-9:13 Suffering, God’s Kingdom, and Elijah
Chapter 9:14-29 A Father And Son Re-United
Chapter 9:30-50 Humble Leaders, Submissive Subjects and Gehenna
Chapter 10:1-31 Marriage, Family and Property Under God’s Government
Chapter 10:32-45 God’s Government Officials and Human Government Officials Contrasted
Chapter 10:46-11:26 Mercy For The Blind, A Meek King, Fruit Out Of Season, Lenient Rulers
Chapter 11:27-12:17 A Question Of Authority – Who’s In Charge?
Chapter 12:18-44 Marriage, Resurrection, The Great Commandment, The Pre-existence of Christ, Scribes vs. Widows
Chapter 13 The Olivet Discourse
Chapter 14:1-21 A Loving Woman, A Kind Homeowner, and the Richard Nixon of God’s Government
Chapter 14:22-52 Gethsemane: Christ Carries The Weight of the World On His Shoulders
Chapter 14:53-72 An Illegal Trial And A Friend’s Denial
Chapter 15 The Shame, Suffering, Death, and Burial of Christ
Chapter 16 The Resurrection and Commission to Every Government

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