The Gospel of Luke Line by Line in the Context and Flow.

ARTICLE — A Skeptic Scientifically Proves Luke and Paul Are Genuine

Chapter 1:1-4 Luke’s Intro. The Greatest Historian Covering the Greatest Era
Chapter 1:5-25 Many Shall Rejoice At His Birth
Chapter 1:26-56 Mary and Elizabeth’s Insights Regarding Politics
Chapter 1:57-80
Chapter 2:1-20 Good Tidings of Great Joy to All People
Chapter 2:21-52 My Eyes Have Seen Thy Saving Work
Chapter 3:1-22 John’s Exhortation to Those in a State of Readiness
Chapter 3:23-4:15 The Genealogy and Temptation of the Son of God
Chapter 4:16-44 The Spirit of the Lord Anointed Me
Chapter 5 New Leaders In Israel Activated; The Old Ones Deactivated
Chapter 6:1-19 Jesus Holds Elections
Chapter 6:20-49 Two Classes in Israel Contrasted
Chapter 7:1-35 A Centurion’s Slave Healed, A Widow’s Dead Son Raised; John’s Question; Wisdom Justified
Chapter 7:36-50 Those Forgiven Much Love Much
Chapter 8:1-25 Hearing and Doing God’s Word – Honest and Good Hearts
Chapter 8:26-56 More Of Christ’s Government Platform: Demons Locked Up, Women and Girls Restored to Health
Luke 9:1-27 The Nature of God’s Government
Luke 9:28-50 The Glories of Christ; The Distortions of His Disciples
Chapter 9:51-10:24 Those Who Are Fit for Service in God’s Government
Chapter 10:25-42 The Perfect Balance of Service and Learning
Chapter 11:1-26 Lord, Teach Us To Pray; Israel’s Worst State
Chapter 11:27-54 Happy Are Those Who Hear the Word of God and Keep It
Chapter 12:1-34 Being Rich In Relation to God
Chapter 12:35-13:17 Faithful and Wise Stewards; Christ Longs to Kindle a Fire; Why do the Righteous Suffer?
Chapter 13:18-14:24 What God’s Government and its Leaders are Like
Chapter 14:25-15:10 Parables, Satire, and Irony: The Bible and Common Literary Forms
Chapter 15:11-16:15 The Two Sons and the Unrighteous Business Manager
Chapter 16:16-31 The Rich Man and Lazarus Part 1
Chapter 16:14-17:10 The Rich Man and Lazarus
Chapter 17:11-18:8 The Kingdom of God is Within You
Chapter 18:9-43 Humble, Justified, Enjoy a Portion, and Saved vs. Pride
Chapter 19:1-27 How Sons of Abraham Behave
Chapter 19:28-20:26 Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Chapter 20:27-21:6 Jesus Isn’t Fooled by Spies, Sadducess, or Rich “Givers”
Chapter 21:7-38 The Olivet Discourse
Chapter 22:1-30 Was Judas Innocent? Passover Updates. Christ’s Governmental Organizational Chart
Chapter 22:31-62 A Long Stressful Night: Your Hour and the Power of Darkness
Chapter 22:63-23:43 Trial, Crucifixion, and Paradise
Chapter 23:44-24:12 Christ’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection
Chapter 24:13-53 The Road to Emmaus