Life Through His Name

John's Gospel MemeJohn’s gospel is where God begins with mankind. Here death is replaced with life. John’s gospel was written that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing we might have life through His name – John 20:20-21.

John is the only “evangelistic” book in the Scriptures, it emphasizes believing. John’s message isn’t about our sins, it’s about Christ – Who He is and what He does as God’s sent one. John doesn’t talk about “church,” ordinances like Baptism, or works of any kind. John narrates the life of our Lord which takes place among the Jewish people and their practices, but he never imposes any of these on his readers. John narrates a story, but when he comments on it his goal is to encourage us to believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, not submit to religious exercises.

Most people read the Bible with the goal of looking for something to DO. The gospel of John, however, should be read to find something to BELIEVE.

During Apostolic days people became believers by means not used today – signs. Since Acts 28:28 God reaches people through what’s written – no signs. Those who believe today are classified among those who believe without seeing – John 20:29. In John’s gospel we have “The Salvation bringing message of God authorized to the nations who will hear it for themselves.”

So enjoy this series as I attempt to unfold its wonderful teaching to the world. Meet God’s Son, the Anointed One, the Savior of the World. He is wonderful!

John 1:1-8
John 1:9-18
John 1:19-51
John 2:1-22
John 2:23-3:8
John 3:9-21
John 3:22-36
John 4:1-20
John 4:21-42
John 4:43-5:16
John 5:17-30
John 5:30-47
John 6:1-33
John 6:34-51
John 6:52-71
John 7:1-53
John 8:1-59
John 9:1-41
John 10:1-21
John 11:1-37
John 11:38-12:11
John 12:12-50
John 13:1-30
John 13:31-14:31
John 15:1-27
John 16:1-33
John 17:1-26
John 18:1-40
John 19:1-42
John 20:1-31
John 21:1-25