Issues Concerning Life and Death

Immortality“In the experience of every true Bible student there comes, as a result of his studies, a moment when certain inexorable facts and all their implications have to be faced. All truth seekers will come, sooner or later, to this crisis where decisions must be made and results of study must be embraced or rejected. These moments will never come to the one who studies what other men have to say about the Word, neither will they come to the man to whom the Bible is a book of texts upon which he may hang his sermons. Many subtle men will carefully steer their course so as to avoid these crossroads where a definite choice must be made and one path or another must be followed. Thus, they are able to hide behind their own confusion which they have deliberately created, and by continually traveling up and down the same well-worn paths they keep away from those places where the road divides and both paths cannot be taken.”

The Immortality of the Soul

  1. The Immortality of the Soul: What saith the Scriptures?
  2. The Immortality of the Soul: The Fork in the Road and Decision Time
  3. The Immortality of the Soul: The Word of God and Immortality
  4. The Immortality of the Soul: The King James Bible and Immortality
  5. The Immortality of the Soul: Our Method of Study

Everlasting, Eternal, and For Ever: What saith Scripture?

1. Part 1