The Gospel of Matthew Line by Line in the Context and Flow.

Chapter 1: The Family and Birth of the King
Chapter 2: The Child King
Chapter 3: The Government of God is Near
Chapter 4: The Temptations and The King’s Proclamation
Chapter 5:1-20: Character Of Those Who Inherit The Land
Chapter 5:33-6:15 Actions Suitable To A Particular Time And Circumstance – God’s Government
Chapter 6:16-34 Should We Go Shopping Or Trust God To Put Food On Our Table?
Chapter 7 Judging Others, Ask And Receive, Depart From Me, Teaching With Authority
Chapter 8 What To Expect In God’s Kingdom
Chapter 9 God’s Department of Health and Human Services
Chapter 10:1-27 Christ’s Kingdom Delegates
Chapter 10:28-42 Destroy Soul And Body In Hell
Chapter 11 Cites Rebuked and Sanctioned
Chapter 12:1-21 Christ Will Establish Justice and Tranquility
Chapter 12:22-50 The Unpardonable Sin
Chapter 13:1-23 Behold! A Sower Went Forth To Sow
Chapter 13:24-52 God’s Government Is Like…
Chapter 13:53-14:36 Who Is In Charge? The Reign of Herod and Christ Contrasted
Chapter 15 Tradition and Ignorance vs. Great Faith
Chapter 16:1-20 The Signs of the Times & Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
Chapter 16:21-17:13 Saving Your Soul, Transfiguration, Elijah Restores All First
Chapter 17:14-18:5 Faith and Humility – Characteristics of Christ’s Government Cabinet
Chapter 18:6-20 What Happens To Those Who Offend Members Of Christ’s Cabinet
Chapter 18:21-19:15 Forgiveness, Marriage, and Families in Gods Government
—–Supplement to Matthew 19: What God Hath Joined Together – Truth for Today? or, More Arrogant Claims?
Chapter 19:16-20:28 The Greatest In God’s Kingdom vs. The Greatest In Man’s
Chapter 20:29-21:22 The Ass vs. The White Horse – Fruit Out Of Season
Chapter 21:23-22:14 The Transfer of Power
Chapter 22:15-33 Resurrection: An Enhancement of our Current Life and Experiences
Chapter 22:24-23:12 The Two Fastened Nails of God’s Government
Chapter 23:13-32 Sorrow To The Sons of Shame/Gehenna
Chapter 24:1-14 Conditions Prior To Christ’s Person Presence
Chapter 24:15-28 Women and Children First in Great Tribulation
Chapter 24:29-51 This Generation Shall Not Pass
Chapter 25 Rewards and Sanction in the 1000 Years
Chapter 26:1-25 Judas: The Richard Nixon of God’s Government
Chapter 26:26-75 One Long Night: Passover, Gethsemane, and a Mock Trial
Chapter 27:1-44 Christ’s Soul An Offering For Sin
Chapter 27:45-66 The Day The Lights Went Out
Chapter 28 Resurrection, Re-Union, and Commission: The Twelve Welcomed In National Capitals

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