1:1-5 The Great and Awesome God’s First Move
1:1-20 The Expanse, The Land Mass, The “Signs” of the Heavens, and the Soul
1:20-2:4 Let Us Make Man
2:4-17 A Living Soul Settled In Paradise
2:18-3:5 The Woman, Marriage, The Shining One, Ye Shall Not Surely Die
3:6-13 The Foundation of Human Religion
3:14-19 The LORD God Said Unto The Serpent, Woman, and Man
3:19-4:5 The Tabernacle and Cherubim
4:6-24 Cain and Lamech
4:25-5:32 The Book of the Generations of Adam
6:1-11 The Sons of God, The Daughters of Men, and Noah
6:11-7:5 Noah’s Ark