Freedom’s Herald: The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul

This is a historical look at the life and letters of Paul. We will examine his early life, his training, and give historical background of the cities he spent time in. This will help us realize that the events of Scripture took place on this earth in the midst of history. They are real events played out by real people who experienced real life adventures. These events weren’t other-worldy happenings. Paul, and every other Biblical character, were real people living in real times surrounded by real circumstances shaped by the history and culture of their day. Scripture truth is for life on this earth – not some Platonic “after-life.”

“He who would obtain from the writings of St. Paul their true, and often quite simple and transparent meaning, must tear away with unsparing hand the accumulated cobwebs of centuries of errors.” Frederic Farrar

01 What Is True Freedom?
02 A Skeptic Scientifically Proves Luke and Paul Are Genuine