Constitutional Convention Time Machine News Report

Independence Hall Oil PaintingBeginning on May 14, 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention began to arrive in Philadelphia to try to fix the perilous state the nation was in. From May 14 through September 17, they debated the long hot summer away trying to form a new government and create a “more perfect union.”
I, Dan Sheridan, traveled back in time to report the events as they happened. Enjoy these fun “news reports” which I will post each day on the dates they met between now and September 17th, Constitution Day, summarizing what they did that particular day.
Meanwhile, so you can be prepared to celebrate Constitution Day intelligently, get your Pocket Constitutions at, read the document a few times this summer, and pass copies out to friends. They sweat that summer for you, the least we can do is read it in our modern Air Conditioned comfort – a comfort brought to you by the liberties that document guaranteed.