Below you will find links to archived articles under three headings: Constitutional, Historical, and Biblical.

Constitutional Writings

The Constitutional Convention
The First Amendment: Religious Liberty
Abraham Lincoln’s Patent
America’s First “Declaration of Independence:” Our Grassroots Revolution
The U.S. Post Office
Put Yourself In The Shoes Of A Slave, Mr. Jefferson
Why Do We Have A Bill Of Rights?
The Virginia Bill Of Rights: Christian Love, Forbearance, and Charity
Simon’s Parliament: One More Step Toward Constitutional Liberty

A History Making Constitutional Provision: Impeachment
America’s First Written Constitution
The State of the Union
The Lessons of Shays’ Rebellion
The Eleventh Amendment
The Electoral College and Old Man Eloquent
Impeachment and the Constitution

Historical Writings

Morse Code
Freedom of Conscience
Benjamin Franklin: Free Markets and Free Men
A Letter to George Washington
What Hath God Wrought!

William Seward
Gosnold’s Direct Route
How Saint Patrick Changed The World
Original Intent, Individual Dignity and Responsibility, and Freedom of Conscience
Calvin Coolidge: The Place of Religion in National Life
Jefferson’s Secret Message To Congress: Exploration and Scientific Curiosity
The FDR Bible for the Troops
Herbert Hoover: Humanitarian
Luke, Herodotus, and Thucydides: Three Historians Compared and Contrasted
Nikola Tesla: Harnessing The Forces Of Nature Of Meet Human Needs
Cable Across The Pacific
Thanksgiving In December?
America’s First Woman Governor
Poor Richard’s Almanac
Plymouth Rock and Stepping Stones
The Waldensians: Merchants For Christ
An American Christmas Story
Erasmus of Rotterdam: Humanist
Old Books, Old Wine, and Old Friends
William Ramsay: A Converted Skeptic
An Indian Tells Us What The White Man Learns In Church
Vinyl Records
Hamiltonian Attitudes
A City Upon A Hill
Dealing With Disagreements
You’ve Gotta Have Heart
Octavian: An Authoritarian Selling Monarchy Camouflaged As A Republic
The Library of Congress
Who Is James G. Birney?
Sir Edward Coke
Using Your Talents For The Good Of Humanity: Tesla
How The Battle of Saratoga Changed World History
Colonial Education and the Practice of Living
President’s Day
You’re Elected Mr. Lincoln

Biblical Writings

The Big Picture
How Do You Measure Success?
Who Are Universalists?
God Can Be Counted On!
Truth Is Great And Will Prevail
The Bible for All Classes and Cultures
The Blue-Collar Bible Study Work Ethic vs. Spiritual Socialism
King Saul The Lovely
The Cyclical Nature of Bible Study
The Universal Need and Universal Provision of Salvation
The Royal Law
Features of Luke’s Gospel
Faith’s Realm
I Love Science
I Still Love Science
I Love Language
Rejoice All The Way
The Gospel of Light and Love
Bearing False Witness In The Internet Age
The Gospel of Free Salvation to All Men
The Christian Faith from Ad 90-150
The Credibility of the Four Gospels
The Providence of God and the Pax Romana
Benjamin Rush: Universalism and Practical Goodness
The Pure Fountain of Truth
Webster on Avarice
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Thoughts on Justification
The Case of Incurable Woman
The Case of the Leper
The Rich One Who Became Poor So We Might Be Enriched
The Transforming Power of Christianity
God’s Kingdom Not Limited By…
The Gospel and International Relations
John Jay: They Have The Book
The Truth of Christianity Triumphs Over Persecutions From Both Sword and Parchment