Ancient History

Sumer and Egypt are essential when it comes to Biblical History, both Old and New Testaments.

Old Testament: Sumer is found in Genesis 11, and Ur, one of its great cities, was Abraham’s home town. The God of Glory called Abram out of this place where idolatry reigned supreme. Egypt is found in Genesis 12, and it is where Abraham went to when he fled from the famine. When Abram came to Egypt, he discovered that his worship of Jehovah was contrary to the state religion; Abraham had to go underground when it came to his faith.

New Testament: When we come to the New Testament, in Matthew 1, “wise men” from Sumer were the first to pay homage to the Savior. These men, living in the original seat of idolatry, read the Old Testament and were sent on a journey to welcome the Savior of the world. In Matthew chapter 2, it was Egypt that provided refuge to the Savior’s family when they fled from the wrath of Herod.

Isn’t it wonderful that the two civilizations which founded idolatry were the first to welcome the Savior of all Mankind? These two civilizations add to the witness list of people who testify to the true and living God and His Son, the Successful Savior!

I am working on a series of studies on these two ancient civilizations. Enjoy!

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