The Acts of the Apostles Line by Line in the Context and Flow.

ARTICLE — A Skeptic Scientifically Proves Luke and Paul Are Genuine

Chapter 1:1-26 God’s Government in Three Aspects; The Upper Room Primaries; God The Ultimate Super-Delegate
Chapter 2:1-36 Pentecost
Chapter 2:37-3:26 Israel Merged And Called Into Active Duty
Chapter 4:1-31 Official Opposition Begins
Chapter 4:32-5:16 One Heart and One Soul; The Apostles Use The “Sword” To End Satanic Activity
Chapter 5:17-42 The First Prison Break
Chapter 6:1-7:16 The Seven Chosen; Stephen’s Testimony Before Joint-Session
Chapter 7:17-60 Stephen’s Testimony to Joint-Session Concludes
Chapter 8:1-40 Phillip’s Work in Samaria and with the Ethiopian Eunuch
Chapter 9:1-31 Paul the Pattern
Chapter 9:32-10:43 Peter Meets Aeneas, Tabitha and Cornelius
Chapter 10:44-11:30 Cornelius Grafted Into The Good Olive Tree; Barnabas Seeks for Saul
Chapter 12:1-13:12 Herod’s Pride Dealt With Kingdom Style; Paul Deals With A Magician Kingdom Style
Chapter 13:13-39 Justification
Chapter 13:40-14:28 Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra
Chapter 15:1-21 Can Those Outside The Land Be Purified For Service Without Ceremony?
Chapter 15:22-16:4 The Characteristics of God’s Leaders
Chapter 16:5-40 Paul in Philippi
Chapter 17:1-15 Paul in Thessalonica and Berea
Chapter 17:16-34 Paul in Athens
Chapter 18:1-23 Paul in Corinth
Chapter 18:24-19:12 Paul and Apollos in Ephesus
Chapter 19:13-20:6 Paul vs. Asia’s Central Bank and the Idol Maker’s Union
Chapter 20:7-25 Paul Meets with the Ephesian Elders
Chapter 20:26-38 Paul Meets with the Ephesian Elders – Conclusion
Chapter 21:1-22:2 Paul Arrives in Jerusalem
Chapter 22:3-29 Paul’s Testimony to the Jews of Jerusalem; Civis Romanus Sum
Chapter 22:30-23:35 Paul Before the Sanhedrin
Chapter 24:1-27 Why Did Felix Tremble?
Chapter 25:1-26:18 Paul Before Festus and Agrippa
Chapter 26:19-27:44 Paul Before Agrippa; Paul Sails To Italy
Chapter 28:1-31 Paul in Rome