Should women keep their mouths shut?

Should women keep their mouths shut?
I am getting ready to record my study on 1 Timothy 1:12-2:5 in the Context and Flow series. I’ve spent the better part of my day looking at just about every Greek word and reading the passage over and over again. I’ve made some discoveries about chapter 2:1-15 that I am looking forward to sharing with you. In the meantime, do some homework on your own as we get ready to tackle this difficult portion of Scripture. Here are some suggestions:
Look up the word “quiet” in 2:2. Look it up in Bullinger’s Lexicon (look up all the words in Bully’s lexicon).
Look up the word “peaceable” in 2:2. Note that it is similar to the word “silence” in verses 11 and 12.
Now, look up that word “silence” in verses 11 and 12. Are women told to keep their mouths shut? If so, should men keep their mouths shut too since they are told to be quiet in verse 2? Think about Priscilla and Acquilla in light of this passage. Could verse 12 be presenting the opposite tendency of verse 9?
What does the word “sobriety” mean? See Bullinger’s lexicon. I believe this word sums up the goal of the entire chapter, nay, it sums up what Paul hopes characterizes every believer’s life.
Who are the “they” in verse 15? Note that the verse goes from the singular “she” to the plural “they.”
Preliminary Summary: The believer’s life in relation to government and the sexes is one of quietness, peace, tranquility, and sobriety.
Happy Scripture ransacking!
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