A Note About Your Comments In The Comments Section…I am not rudely ignoring you

A note about e-mails and comments on Sheridan Voice website.
I get many comments on the Sheridan Voice page. People complain they are “deleted” or not answered. They are not deleted, and I am not rudely ignoring you. A few years back I made the comments section so that they aren’t made public because I started getting so many spam comments as well as, well, you know, comments from those with an agenda. Please don’t feel that you are being ignored. I can’t spend precious time dealing with these, so I made it a general policy not to address comments on the page. I am not discouraging comments, for many are very encouraging, but I wanted you to be aware of my circumstances.
If you have a real concern or question, please feel free to call me. I am at your service. Believe it or not, a phone call gets to the heart of the matter much faster than e-mail. The main reason for this is my schedule. It takes longer to write than it does to talk. Some of your questions are involved, and it would take many precious hours away from what I am doing on the site to address your concerns justly. Plus, I believe the Context and Flow series will answer most questions as God has already seen fit to treat them in His Word – that’s why I am so passionate about this audio Bible Commentary.
I wish I were independently wealthy to be able to focus full time on this work, but I am not. My extra time is devoted to teaching the Context and Flow series and the Issues of Life and Death series, which, as you can imagine, requires many hours burning the midnight oil.

I love people and love talking to them one-on-one. So if you have pressing questions that I haven’t answered or ones I have failed to make clear, feel free to call me. I am interested in your questions, and I hope I can be of assistance in your quest for Biblical answers, but I am also interested in you personally.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Your brother in our happy expectation,
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