The Word Eon – Not A Time Period

The Word Eon – Not A Time Period

The noun “eon” has been thought to mean a time period, and those who hold this view like to make a God-calendar made up of eons. I used to believe this, but I no longer do. I think associating eon and eonian with time periods only confuses the issue and hides much wonderful truth from us.

The noun “eon” and the adjective “eonian” have more to do with flow than than they do with time. Eon is a flower. In John 4 we read about a river Aenon, and this is derived from eon. There are rivers in Italy, France, and England named after this Greek word. I live in Avon Township, which was named by the original settlers after the Avon River in the Old World – I live in Eon! The word was never applied to lakes, only FLOWING rivers. An ancient Greek athlete once wrote home to his mother boasting that he had made an eon – a record – in the Olympics. Why an eon? Becuase an eon is a flowing thing which is meant to be broken.

Those who will have eonian life in the kingdom of God will flow out to others leading them to the knowledge of the true and living God.

Orthodoxy messed this word up. There are two kinds of people according to orthodoxy, those with “eternal” life and those going to hell. But when you understand eonian life you can’t possibly teach annihilation or hell. That’s because if one has eonian life, who will he or she flow out to? They will flow out to those without eonian life. In the future, those with eonian life are God’s representatives who will flow out until God finally becomes all in all. Those without eonian life aren’t going to be destroyed, but they will be resurrected to learn through God’s flowers about the God they either rejected or didn’t know in this life.

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  1. Dan, You have managed to confuse me even more by your translations of various words in the scriptures. No where do I find that eon is translated flowing. Also I asked you to provide me with sources regarding “elevated ones” as your translation of Ephesians but you haven’t responded. Your history perspective is great and I really appreciate your insight in this area. But you seem to take those who the scriptures say are to be with Christ in the heavens and bring them down to earth eliminating their purpose in the heavens. I take your “search and see if these things are so” message seriously so please point me to your sources.

    1. Hello Richard,

      Thanks for your comments. I didn’t see your questions you said I “didn’t answer.” I can answer these now.

      1. There is no translation that translates eon as flowing. But I explain that the meaning of the word is flowing, and I do that to the tune of about 300 audios where I explain the word in the context where it’s used.

      2. As for elevated ones in Ephesians – I explain that in the exposition of Ephesians 1:3-6. You said, “you seem to take those who the scriptures say are to be with Christ in the heavens and bring them down to earth eliminating their purpose in the heavens.” I guess I do if you mean by “in the heavens” as some place outside the solar system. Have you listened to the studies in Ephesians and Philippians where I explain these things? I do not teach that believers have a role somewhere outside our solar system – I teach our future home is on earth.

      I am sorry if you feel you haven’t been answered, but I am doing the best I can by providing “answers” by painstakingly trying to give them in context.


      1. Thank you Dan. I understand that the context seems to agree with your translation but the words don’t agree. I would like to accept your context and flow message but I struggle in understanding the changing of the translated words that seem contrary to your interpretation. I’ll continue to listen. I just wish I could get a handle where the context overrides the text.

        1. I appreciate your spirit. I would never want anyone to simply accept my words. I am glad you are thinking these through. If you need help, like I said, I would be glad to walk through the texts with you personally and explain my thinking. Have a great day.

    2. One more thing, you can always call me for clarification. I do not see the comments here very often, and if I did they would take up much of my day.

      1. I might give you a call but I don’t have your number. If you would like to share it with me, please send it in a private E-mail. Thanks again. I hope to be counted as a friend. Richard Shepard

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