Is Marriage God’s Arrangement Today?

Is Marriage God’s Arrangement Today?

In the Bible, the women of Israel were identified with their husbands and the portion God assigned that particular family. That’s why the divorce laws in Israel were so stringent. To ruin the family was also to ruin the inheritance and the structure God laid out for His people.

But this does not mean that those marriage and marriage laws apply to us today. I believe in marriage. I believe it is a wonderful institution. I believe that marriage was good before Adam’s sin and it will be good in the Kingdom of God. But to apply the laws of Israel to those outside Israel’s system in the land is a mistake.

Take Job, for example. He had three daughters, the Miss Worlds of the day for their great beauty, and Job gave them an inheritance among their brothers – these ladies had their own portion! Their lives and position weren’t morphed into a husband. Job was from the line of Esau and had nothing to do with God’s arrangement for his distant cousins.

The moral of the story: God’s plan for marriage in Israel was just that, God’s plan for THEM – it was His arrangement. Marriages aren’t God’s arrangements today. “Ministers” or Justices aren’t God’s ministers putting God’s sanction on a marriage. Today marriage is completely our choice, some choices are good, some not so good. But let’s not make the mistake of saying that our marriages are God-sanctioned and our divorces are against God. You don’t need a minister, a church, or any ceremony to create a marriage – it is completely your arrangement with your significant other. If you want to have the state sanction it for various reasons, that’s your decision.

I made a good choice, and I hope God continues it in the kingdom. Until then, I try to follow Ephesians five for my marching orders as a husband.

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