Enhil, The King Of The Gods, Kills People For Disturbing His Nap…

Enhil, The King Of The Gods, Kills People For Disturbing His Nap…

The gods of the ancient world treated men like slaves. The human race served only one purpose – to fulfill the desires of the gods (feed them, house them, etc…).

The people of the ancient world, not having vaccines, the weather channel, or CNN, couldn’t understand natural disasters like diseases, floods, storms, and famines, so they sought explanations in the activities of the gods. The capricious gods were responsible for floods, disease, and famine. Man, to appease the displeased gods, had to slave for them to stave off the chaos.

Enhil, the king of the gods of Mesopotamia, was so disturbed with humanity for disturbing his nap, he wiped out most of them with a flood – so the legend reads. Imagine what this belief does to a person’s psychological state! Nay, the psychological state of a whole culture!

The God of Scripture is nothing like this. He is a God who loves mankind, He is obsessed with it, and He desires a true union with the human race. The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the entire human system.

This is why Scripture calls God the “True and Living God,” to contrast Him with the gods of the nations.

Search the Scriptures
And you will see
The God it reveals
Loves you and me.

God is light and God is love. Those who learn this can enjoy a peaceful and joyous psychological state in rain or shine, sickness or health, or in whatever circumstances life throws our way.

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