Love Wherever Your Feet Are…

Love Wherever Your Feet Are…
Where are your feet right now? Love on that very spot. When you move from that spot, love there. Repeat every step. The Apostle Paul encouraged us to “Walk in love…”
The Greek word for “Walk” is “peripateO.” It’s a verb which means, “to tread all around, to walk about.” It refers to every sphere of life you occupy at any given moment. So wherever your feet are, love. Every square inch of human life was designed for love.
What is love? The Greek word is “agapE.” It’s a noun which means, “a complex emotion arousing appreciation or delight in and desire for the presence of its object, as well as to please and promote its welfare. To be distinguished from affection…which is aroused by the qualities of its object, while love may go out to the utterly unworthy…to also be distinguished from passion between the sexes” (Greek Lexicon and Condordance).”
Paul finishes his statement by saying, “Walk in love AS Christ LOVES you and GIVES HIMSELF for us…” Love is defined by giving of yourself for others!
Love isn’t a “religious exercise,” it is a way of life.

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