Health Update

Hello my friends. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 7. I will be having four of my vertebrae in my neck “fused.” In 2004 I had my lower back fused. That pain has never subsided, but I have been able to get my study and recordings done. Now I have both lower back and neck pain – very painful in both cases. But the pain in my neck is much different. I have burning pain in the back of my neck which is only magnified when sitting at a computer, an extremely weakened left arm, no feeling in my left hand, and general shooting pain down both shoulders and arms. This pain really makes it harder to concentrate and extremely hard to write. The surgery will take five hours. The possible side effects are that I may have vocal cord damage – let’s pray that isn’t the case. The recovery time is said to take six to eight weeks. Hopefully I can get back to only having lower back pain.

I am still devoted to the “Context and Flow Series.” I am attempting to finish Genesis and Colossians before I head to the hospital. Once I am back, I plan on continuing right through the Bible. I am determined to have on record a complete commentary of the Bible from the perspective of one who believes in the salvation of all, does not believe in orthodox hell, and who practices the principle of right division.

I also have been preparing two other major works:

1. Moses, Egypt, and the Book of Job. I have been studying ancient Sumer and Egypt with the express purpose of creating a series on the book of Job – especially from the perspective of Moses who was “learned in all the wisdom of Egypt,” and who came into contact with the story of Job while in Midian. This study consumes and overwhelms me! I am even taking courses on Egyptology – studying its history, architecture, government, religion, hieroglyphics, etc… I can’t wait to present my findings to you.

2. I am preparing notes for a series on the nature of death and judgment – tentatively titled, “The Wages of Sin.” This will be a tool to present to your hell-fire friends as it will answer every hell-fire passage from both the Old and New Testaments.

As always, pray for me. I do these in my “spare time” as I have to work two jobs to pay the bills, and these months of sickness have kept me out of work from both jobs.

Christ is worth all these efforts! My wife agrees.

With sincere love,

Dan Sheridan

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  1. Richard Shepard says:

    Dan, our prayer are for you and your’s. May God guide the surgeon’s hands and grant you healing.I am looking forward to your teachings. Thank you for you ministry.

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