Moments With A Successful Savior

Universalism and God as the Creator of Humanity – by Thomas Whittemore; edited and narrated by Daniel W. Sheridan (Audio version below) 
God is the Creator of all men. He “hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth…” Acts 17:26.
God, as Creator, would not have created intelligent beings had He known they were to be forever miserable. To suppose that the Creator would bring beings into existence who He knew would be infinite losers by that existence is to charge Him with the utmost malignity (hatred, hostility, viciousness). The existence itself would not be a blessing, but a curse; the greatness of which cannot be described. A poor soul, sentenced to endless damnation, might well cry, in the touching language of Young;
“Father of Mercies, why from silent earth,
Didst Thou awake, and curse me into birth?
Tear me from quiet, ravish me from night,
And make a thankless present of thy light;
Push into being a reverse of Thee,
And animate a clod with misery? ”
As God is infinite in knowledge, and as He sees the end from the beginning, He must have known before the creation the result of the existence He was about to confer, and whether, upon the whole, it would be a blessing; and, as He was not under any necessity to create man, being also infinitely benevolent, He could not have conferred an existence that He knew would end in the worst possible consequences to his creatures.
Conclusion: God’s story has a happy ending for all mankind. God is the Savior of All Men, because, “As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” Jesus Christ is a Successful Savior!
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