Using Your Talents For The Good Of Humanity: Nikola Tesla

Tesla MemeUsing Your Talents For The Good Of Humanity: Nikola Tesla – By Daniel W. Sheridan (Twitter: @DanielWSheridan) #TuesdayThoughts #Tesla #OTD #Humanitarian #Love #Peace

#OnThisDay, February 6, 1894, an immigrant who made it possible for every home to have electricity, a radio, and a television, patents an apparatus for Generating Electric Currents.

The main technical features are:

“Maintenance of intermittent or oscillatory discharges of a condenser of suitable circuit containing translating devices; Discharges take place in insulating liquids (such as oil); Varying spark gap distances; Keep circulating flow in liquid; Illustrates preferred manner.”

The patent holder’s name is Nikola Tesla. Tesla Patent

“Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Means for Generating Electric Currents…”

One time Tesla captured the power of Niagara Falls with his automated current system thereby making it possible to provide electricity to the world. Tesla also patented the technology for wireless communications which made radio and TV broadcasting possible.

Even though Tesla’s inventions helped build America and billion dollar corporations, Tesla himself didn’t die rich. He wasn’t business savvy and didn’t really care too much for that aspect of things. Many, unfortunately, took advantage of Tesla’s lack of killer business instinct; a sad commentary on human nature.

Tesla wanted to provide the world with an unlimited supply of energy – to harness the forces of nature to meet human needs. His primary interest was improving the lot of humanity, not making big-bucks doing so. He said,

“Money does not mean to me what it does to others. All my money has been invested in inventions to make man’s life a little easier.”

“We have many a monument of past ages,” said our humanitarian inventor, “we have the palaces and pyramids, the temples of the Greek and the cathedrals of Christendom. In them is exemplified the power of men, the greatness of nations, the love of art and religious devotion. But the monument at Niagara has something of its own, more in accord with our present thoughts and tendencies. It is a monument worthy of our scientific age, a true monument of enlightenment and of peace. It signifies the subjugation of natural forces to the service of man, the discontinuance of barbarous methods, the relieving of millions from want and suffering.”

Get to know Tesla. Do you have any talents or resources that can be used to benefit others? Let’s put them to use.

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