How Do You Measure Success?

Jukes MemeHow Do You Measure Success? – By Daniel W. Sheridan (Twitter: @DanielWSheridan) #SuccessfulSavior #Bible #Jesus

How do you know if someone is good at their job? Doctor, lawyer, athlete, teacher, salesperson, any job. You know someone is good at their job if they are successful.

Webster defines the adjective successful: “Terminating in accomplishing what is wished or intended; having the desired effect; hence, in a good sense, prosperous; fortunate; happy; as a successful application of medicine; a successful experiment in chemistry or in agriculture; a successful enterprise.”

You are successful when you do your job. It’s that simple.

Jesus has a job. He’s a savior. Savior is one who saves. But most people believe Jesus is rotten at His job. Only a few of Adam’s progeny, according to many opinions, will be rescued from a fictitious torture chamber invented by pagans called Hell.

But Jesus is Successful at His job. Any other conclusion is dishonoring to God. These are saying that sin and death are too powerful for God and He will perpetuate sin and suffering forever. Jesus couldn’t save! But #BiblicalUniversalists recognize the holiness of God. We believe sin and death are so terrible that God will wipe out all traces of them – not perpetuate them!

Jesus is a Successful Savior. He is great at His job. His very name means Savior! He lives up to His Name! All will be permanently made alive, justified, and happy.

Name of Jesus! highest name!
Name that earth and Heaven adore!
From the heart of God it came,
Leads me to God’s heart once more.

Only Jesus! fairest name!
Life, and rest, and peace and bliss;
Jesus, evermore the same,
His is mine, and I am His.

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