Blessed Are The Peacemakers…

blue-black-spellerIn 1824, Noah Webster released the “Blue Back Speller,” a uniquely American spelling book designed to teach children the basics of American English. Toward the end of the book he included a “Moral Catechism.” Here’s his “Moral Catechism of Peace-Makers.”

Q. What are peace-makers?

A. All who endeavor to prevent quarrels and disputes among men, or to reconcile those who are separated by strife.

Q. Is it unlawful to contend with others on any occasion?

A. It is impossible to avoid some differences with men; disputes should be always conducted with TEMPER and MODERATION. The man who keeps his temper WILL NOT BE RASH, and do or say things which he will afterwards repent of. And though men should sometimes differ, still they should be friends. They should be ready to do kind offices to each other.

Q. What is the reward of the peace-maker?

A. He shall be “blessed, and called the child of God.” The mild, peaceable, friendly man, resembles God. What an amiable character is this! To be like our heavenly Father, the lovely, perfect, and glorious being who is the source of all good, is to be the best and happiest of men.

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