A Founding Father, Universalism, and Practical Goodness…

Benjamin Rush MemeA Founding Father on how belief in Salvation of All Mankind leads to practical goodness:

“The Universal doctrine prevails more and more in our country, particularly among persons eminent for their piety, in whom it is not a mere speculation but a principle of action in the heart prompting to practical goodness.”

—-Benjamin Rush to Elhanan Winchester, 1791

Rush’s faith in the Savior God led to practical goodness. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, upon hearing of their friend’s death, bore witness:

Jefferson to Adams: “Another of our friends of seventy-six is gone, my dear Sir, another of the co-signers of the Independence of our country. And a better man than Rush could not have left us, more benevolent, more learned, of finer genius, or more honest.”

Adams Replied: “I know of no Character living or dead, who has done more real good in America.”

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