Preventing Orthodox PTSD! The Whole Armor of God: What is it?

Preventing Orthodox PTSD!

The Whole Armor of God: What is it?

I am getting ready to teach Ephesians 6:10-24 in the “Context and Flow” series. I have decided to do an introductory audio discussing the nature of the Armor of God.

There is too much misinformation connected with this passage. From my earliest days in Orthodox Christianity I was encouraged to engage in “spiritual warfare.” The thing that Paul mentions LAST, orthodoxy puts FIRST. The only problem was that the “generals” were sending me without proper equipment to fight a losing battle – regardless of how much I “claimed the victory.”

Being influenced by Christendom’s love of all things war (especially in America where the military, patriotism, and God are a package deal), combined with a lack of understanding of Paul’s usage of armor and the nature of the “battle,” we were sent out into an imaginary battle field, getting slaughtered, and then suffering untold mental damage as a result.

I know many who are suffering the trauma of “Spiritual PTSD” caused by this imaginary and Scripturally unauthorized war.

In the next audio I would like to lay the groundwork by providing answers to three questions:

1. Who Fights?
2. Why Do They Fight?
3. What Does the Armor Represent? (Answering this will help us answer another question: Who or what are we fighting?)

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